Andrew Rea is a Chef and a YouTuber who runs a hugely popular show Binging with Babish. The filmmaker in Rea likes a bit of drama and always likes to surprise his audience in one way or the other.

In one such instance, the YouTuber randomly introduced his girlfriend while he was in the middle of making a milkshake, that too from an iconic movie.

Not only were his fans happy that he was with someone, but the incident of him introducing his girlfriend also cleared out any bit of rumors regarding him being gay.

So, who is the new lady in the chef's life? And is Andrew Rae married to her? Read along to find out!

The YouTuber Introduced His Girlfriend In A Video In His Trademark Style

The said video starts and proceeds as any other Babish video. He gives a funny introduction to the famous $5 milkshake featured in the iconic movie Pulp Fiction.

He calculates the current price of the milkshake, accounting for inflation. As the milkshake is understandably expensive, Rea adds his own twist to make it worth the price. So far, so good, right?

Then out of nowhere, towards the end of the video, he introduces his girlfriend Jess in the same calm and steely voice he has when explaining dishes to the audience.

This might seem odd to people watching him for the first time, but it perfectly fits his style.

Who Is The Babish's Lady Love? 

Right after Jess was introduced to his fan base through the video, people flogged the YouTuber's social media accounts inquiring about her. Not just that, following her revelation, the pair have made their relationship 'Insta-official' by sharing photos on certain occasions like their anniversary and Halloween.


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So who is Jess? Well, thanks to Instagram, we now know Jess's full name, which is Jessica Opon. A freelance video editor, shooter, and producer, Jess has shot and edited a few of her boyfriend's videos too. 

Further details about his relationship were revealed when Rea did the famous Wired Autocomplete Interview. During the question-answer session, he shared his current relationship and the one from his past.

In the video, he clarifies that he was once married but not at the moment. The topic surfaced when he answered the burning question, "Is Andrew Rea married?" 

He mentioned that he was "attached to a lovely lady Jess" while answering the same question.

Andrew Rea's Previous Relationship

The chef may not have shared a lot in the Wired video; however, in a Reddit Q&A, he revealed some details regarding his previous love life. He shared that he was married to his high school sweetheart after dating for 10 years.

Regrettably, things did not work out, and they had to go separate ways. The marriage, according to the information given on the same Reddit thread, lasted for two years.

In his reply to his fans' queries, he revealed that he was okay talking about the divorce since it had been a while since the divorce. Andrew and his ex-wife went separate ways in 2017.

One can imagine that it must have been painful to separate from a long-time partner, but Rea's willingness to talk so openly shows maturity.

Beyond YouTube Videos

As Rea continues to post his trademark cooking videos on YouTube, he has also expanded The Babish beyond the video-sharing platform. He has now published a cookbook with the same name as his YouTube account — 'Binging with Babish Cookbook,' which is now available in all bookstores.

In a bid to expand his brand, Andrew Rea has also started blogging. This self-described 'one part chef, one part filmmaker, and a generous dash of irreverent YouTube personality' continues to live happily with his current partner providing the same spicy cooking videos.

Rea Married Opon On His 9 million Subscriber Special

On June 1, 2021, In an episode celebrating Rea's 9 million subscribers on his channel, he and Opon tied the knot. The two were married by comedian and Universal Life Church-ordained minister Joel McHale.

In the episode, Rea recreates 'Kettle Corn' from Community.  As the video progresses he can be seen cooking outside with Joel McHale after which Opon joins them and then, well, the rest is history. We wish the newly married couple all the success in their life.