Colombian TV Personality, Andrea Espada finally found her destined one at the age of 31. After a long time as a single mother, Andrea got a shoulder to rest her head on.

Andrea Espada is known as the host of UFC and for her Instagram account where her creative comedy sketches and selfies have gathered her over 6 Million followers.

YouTube: Andrea and her family doing the Fortnite dance battle where they reenact the victory dance moves of the game (Published on 9 May 2018)

Andrea has made Instagram videos with many media stars like King Bach and Danielle Cohn as well.  

Andrea Espada’s Bio: Early Life & Career

Born on 17 August 1986, Andrea was raised in Colombia. She studied marketing and international business at the Autonomous University of the West.

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Andrea moved from Colombia to the US to follow her dream of making it into the entertainment world. She has a YouTube channel where she often posts entertaining skits that have earned her a huge fan base.

She began her modeling career when she was thirteen in ‘Millennium and Top Class’ academics, eventually beginning to move forward professionally at the age of fifteen.

Andrea’s Blooming Net Worth

Just like many other known personalities, Andrea Espada also makes a decent amount of earning from her multiple professions.

As a YouTuber, she gets well paid from making videos with good contents and the views that are gathered.

According to sources, she has got an estimated net worth of $350K, but she might be earning a lot more through her work.

Andrea Has 8-Year-Old Son!

There is no history or information regarding Andrea's past, but she does have a son. She’s got an 8-year-old son named Ferren Espada.

Her son has got an Instagram account of his own, which she manages. He even makes appearances on his mother's videos.

Rocking The Trend: Andrea posts a picture with her son on 6 July 2018 (Photo: Andrea’s Instagram)

Andrea hasn’t yet revealed anything about Ferren’s father till date. They share a very close bond as a mother and a son, often supporting each other as a family.

Andrea & Husband Like Boyfriend 4K Papi Married?

Andrea and her boyfriend first met each other in 2014. Her boyfriend’s stage-name being 4K Papi, his real name is still not mentioned.  

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The pair is often posting videos on Andrea’s YouTube channel. In a video they shared on YouTube, it was mentioned that they met at a gym and 4K Papi was the one to take the initiative and ask for Andrea’s number.

The Royalty Family: Andrea, her son, and boyfriend posing with matching outfits on 29 July 2018 (Photo: Andrea’s Instagram)

They are in a live-in relationship right now, and her boyfriend has a perfect relationship with her son as well. The family addresses themselves as The Royalty Family and have a merch of their own.

Andrea and her son are frequently pranking 4K Papi, and in one of those prank videos, 4K Papi mentioned about getting married as well. There was a comment congratulating the pair on their engagement, which hasn’t yet been publicly revealed.

Looking at the strong bond the couple has, it’s safe to say that Andrea might introduce her future husband to the fans.

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