For American TV host, Abiola Abrams giving advice to her audiences on a variety of relationship, self and intimacy issues has always been her job and she enjoys it a lot. But when it comes to her own relationship and personal issues who is that special person she finds solace in to seek advice with? 

American media-personality Abiola Abrams holds multiple identities as she is a TV host, Internet sensation, spiritpreneur, personal coach, motivational speaker, and author. The New York native provides pieces of advice on personal matters through the television, websites and other media sources.

YouTuber: Abiola Abrams gives advice on coaching business (Published on 12 May 2017)

Abiola addresses the issues of her audiences such as sexual problems, cheating by partners., self-worth and so on her advice column Intimacy Intervention on and Abiola's Love Class on She is the author of popular books that include Dare, and The Official Bombshell Handbook. 

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She is also the creator of a lifestyle blog and web video series at and has a self-titled youtube channel with 17K subscribers.

Abiola Rose Short Bio And Family Life

Guyanese-American Abiola Rose was born on  29 July 1976 and raised in New York City. Abiola's father is a Columbia University graduate and was a member of the government of Guyana before moving to the United States. Her mother works in an administrative sector of education.

Abiola regards her father as a lightworker, changemaker, and minister of her own magic and thankful to him for teaching her to be a multi-talented.

Birthday Wishes: Abiola wishes her dad on his birthday (Photo: Abiola Rose's Instagram| 13 April 2018)

Similarly, her mother is her favorite goddess and the queen who taught her to work the world like it's her own personal runway. She does not fail to wish on her parents birthday on the social sites and writes the beautiful caption for them. 

Christmas Wishes: Abiola enjoying Christmas with her family on December 2017. (Photo: Abiola Abrams's Instagram)

Abiola has a sister named Damali Abrams, who is a close companion for her. Browsing her Instagram and Twitter account, it is not strenuous to trace out her love towards the family.

What is Abiola Rose's Net Worth? 

Abiola attended the Brearley School and later graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College and later received Master's Degree in Fine Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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After college, she started her profession by writing an article in the feminist magazine, Ms. in 1999. Abiola has worked as a Love Columnist on several websites such as Yahoo Shine and She is a lifestyle and relationship coach on the CW Network’s The Bill Cunningham Show, especially for married couples.

Abiola has made big money from her television and internet podcast. She enjoys her earning by solving the personal predicaments on websites and tv shows. Nevertheless, the exact net worth is still away from the media reach.

Abiola Abrams: Girlfriend, Dating, and Wife

 Covert on her personal front Abiola is actively involved in solving the personal issues of her audiences and gives her own opinion to maintain sound understanding between partners. But she has not made a breakthrough on her relationship status. Abiola regularly provides her opinion about marriage and relationship in lifestyle websites.

In one of her podcast with the in August 2016,  Abiola enlisted 10 questions to ask partner before having a sexual relationship. She insisted that sex before marriage depends upon the decisive capacity of a person. 

Talking about how to handle emotional issues in first ever podcast of the site, Yes, Girl, in May 2017, Abiola discussed the role of social media in the new wave of emotional cheating. 

Regarding the faithfulness on a relationship, she stated that relationship means being honest, open and forthcoming about faults, failures and the prospect of the future. Moreover, she thinks that the pros and cons of the relationship should be evaluated before being in love with someone.

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However, she has not decided her suitable lifelong partner yet. Despite her single relationship status, she relishes in the company of her family.