Zak Bagans has added one more macabre memorabilia to his growing collection, and this time around, he found himself the owner of an allegedly cursed car transaxle. 

The 4-speed transaxle comes from a Porsche 550 Spyder that the late actor James Dean crashed in 1995.

It was in that horrendous accident that Dean had lost his life. 

The 'Cursed' Car

After the unfortunate event, the car that Dean nicknamed "Little Bastard" was stripped for parts.

Parts that could have been sold were sold to be refurbished or simply recycled. 

According to TMZ, several of those parts went on to cause other accidents over the years, including one other fatality. The unfortunate individual slammed into a tree and lost their life. 

So, as of this writing, the transaxle of the "cursed" Porche was one of the only items from the crash that was still intact and in circulation.

Hence, it was thought to be amongst the final items that might still carry the alleged curse. 

The Car's History Is What Drew Bagans

The axle was previously in the hands of a private owner who acquired it in 2020. The mystery owner also put the axle in a steel display stand that rolled on casters to show that it might still function. 

Recently an anonymous buyer bought off the transaxle in an auction for a massive $382,000. 

According to TMZ, that mystery buyer is none other than the Ghost Adventures star himself. 


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He even confessed to the outlet that the transaxle's reputation as "an eternally doomed piece of equipment" was actually what drew him to the purchase. 

Bagans also revealed that he plans to install the barely functional piece of hardware at his haunted museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The establishment prides itself on being a go-to destination for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters who want to experience an authentic spirited adventure. 

A Professional Paranormal Investigator

The museum is also a part of Bagans' breakout hit show Ghost Adventures and its spinoff series, where he made a name for himself as the host. He is also one of the lead investigators, executive producers, and editor of the show. 

The Washington DC native is also the co-founder of the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC), credited to be one of the largest international networks of professional paranormal investigators. 

Starting out as a skeptic himself, Bagans was convinced of the existence of the paranormal when he allegedly came face to face with the spirit of a suicidal woman in his apartment in Trenton, Michigan, in 2002. 

When he finally graduated film school in 2008, he devoted his time and energy to producing his show, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

His Impressive Net Worth

Over the course of the show built around paranormal investigation, the show host has amassed quite an impressive net worth of thirty million dollars. 

Apart from his earnings from the show, he is also the owner of most of the artifacts put on display in his museum, the building that houses the museum, and of course, the museum itself. 

In October 2019, Bagans also purchased a home in Los Angeles where Charles Manson's followers murdered a couple for a whopping 1.88 million dollars.