The co-host of MTV’s Ridiculousness, Steelo Brim, is another addition to the pool of celebrities owning a lavish house in the Encino vicinity of Los Angeles.  

Inside Brim’s Well-Furnished Encino House

Brim bought the transition-style villa for a whopping $4.2 million. The mansion spreads a voluminous 6,000 square feet and comes equipped with five spacious bedrooms plus seven bathrooms.  

Painted in white, the Ridiculousness host’s house is nothing short of a dream.

Steelo Brim's Encino home, LA

Steelo Brim's Encino home, LA (Source: Dirt)

The white painted walls and ceiling of the house make every other piece of furniture and equipment look vibrant and sophisticated at the same time. The flooring, on the other hand, is a pale yellow made of hardwood.

The central wooden front door is the main gateway to the luxurious house. It leads you to a vast hall comprising a kitchen, dining space, and stunning living area.

The kitchen is laid out with a formal set of black and white dining table and chairs with a golden chandelier hanging in the middle. The dining area has a sliding transparent glass door that opens up to a spacious lounge room adjoining the swimming pool.

The perfect amalgamation of white walls, gray sofas, black-white-gray pillows, green trees, blue water of the swimming pool, black fans, black arm-chairs next to the pool, and white curtains in the lounge room has tremendous aesthetic value.

Steelo Brim's mansion's al fresco lounge space

Steelo Brim's mansion's al fresco lounge space (Source: Dirt)

Further, the master bedrooms come with a dedicated balcony, fireplace, gigantic window, and an attached luxurious bathroom.

Brim's Encino house's master bedroom

Brim's Encino house's master bedroom (Source: Dirt)

Each item of the house, like the chandelier, fireplace, in-built cupboards, sofas, adds texture to the house’s ambiance. The host’s home is further facilitated with a basketball court, indoor movie theater, game room, bar, and wine cellar.

Gave a Glimpse of His House on Instagram

On August 21, 2020, Brim posted a picture of himself, though only his legs are seen, on his Instagram. The photo showcases the outdoors of his brilliant houses like his pool, basketball court, and green lawn.


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The 32-year-old's caption suggests he is missing his grandparents. 

 I think @zoom needs to do a program with Nursing Homes so we can at least see our grandparents during COVID