Social media celebrity Hunter Rowland is very famous among youngsters. And his fame rose even higher when he started dating another famous Instagram star.

Hunter first got his popularity from his live streams on YouNow and later gained even more notoriety on other social platforms. He and his brother made a video that got posted back in 2015 which went viral with the tag #DontJudgeMeChallenge. With the video going viral, he was able to set a trend of the #DontJudgeMeChallenge which was famous all over the social media.

Today, with 728k followers on YouNow, 471k followers on Twitter, and 196k subscribers on YouTube, he has a promising career in the internet and entertainment industry as well.

Hunter Rowland's Age, Height & Siblings

The Instagram star Hunter Bryce Rowland was born on April 5, 2001, in Florida, USA.  He and his two younger brothers, Ashton Rowland and Brandon Rowland were brought up by their mother after his dad left the family. He has a half-sister named Alexa and a half-brother named Tyler as well.

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 His exact height is 5 feet and 8 inches

Hunter Earns Hundreds Of Thousands From YouTube & Tour

The native American star Hunter enjoys much of his success and fortunes from his YouTube channel and social sites. Having a vast number of fans all around the world, he is on demand in the entertainment field. 

Moreover, working for various brands, Hunter has been able to collect the net worth of $250,000, which comes from the brand endorsements and tour. 

In 2016, Hunter toured alongside his brother Brandon Rowland on the Magcon which was beneficial for his career. Well, we would love to see him touring more often enjoying his live performances but he has kept his fans waiting until the next tour to happen.

Hunter's Shirtless Pictures Makes His Female Fans Go Crazy  

Growing up, Hunter had to face bullies from his peers because of his lean body which affected his mental health, making him anxious and nervous throughout his school life.

Shirtless: Hunter goes shirtless in his Instagram (Picture: Hunter's Instagram)

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Later on, he decided to face his fears, work on himself and today, he is very confident with his body and doesn't shy to post shirtless pictures of himself making girls go crazy for him.

But the rising star is crazy for someone else!

Distance Doesn't Matter To Hunter Rowland When It Comes To His Girlfriend

In early 2018, Hunter started dating social media star Lea Elui Ginet. She has 7 million followers on Instagram where she posts pictures of different fashion looks and contents from TikTok. 

Girlfriend: Hunter refers to his girlfriend, Lea Elui Ginet as monkey love on Instagram (Picture: Lea's Instagram)

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Although Lea lives in France and Hunter lives in America, both manage time for each other. They often hang out on Instagram lives along with their fans.

Moreover, the couple takes their time out from their busy schedule and goes out for adventures. Recently, they went to Paris together and spent some quiet time away from social media for a while.