Grammy-winning Gospel singer Le’andria Johnson has had many ups and downs in her life. From getting divorced twice to struggling with alcoholism, followed by a 30-day jail sentence, it has been quite a roller-coaster ride.

Despite the adversities, Johnson is transparent about her life on her social media. She is unapologetic and believes no oneincluding heris perfect, and everyone has mistakes and failures. 

The Truth Behind Johnson’s Marriages

The singer revealed on TV one’s show Uncensored that she got married to ex-husband Michael Underwood when she was still a teenager. Reminiscing her past, Johnson explained that she was "just a baby" when they got married, and it was one of the main factors that led to their divorce. The gospel star also confessed that her father was against her first marriage, which somehow taught her to be more honest in life. 

Her second marital relationship was with Forrest Walker, who was her managing director at the time. This was in 2014. In an interview with James Ross in April that year, the singer introduced music producer Walker as her husband. 

Not just that, she also shared a photo of her and Walker on her Facebook with a caption stating them as "Gospel’s new power couple."

However, in a 2018 interview with One TV, the singer confessed that the relationship wouldn't have lasted long because she was drunk the whole time—she was drunk when she met him, was drunk when they got married and was drunk even when they separated. 

Johnson's Battle With Alcoholism

The Gospel star’s drinking problem surfaced on the internet when she was charged with DUI (Driving Under Influence). The singer shared with Christian Post that she was driving home from a bar about eight minutes away from where she lived. While driving home, she was pulled over for a light that was out on her car. But after the police conducted a sobriety test, she was arrested for DUI.

After this incident, the singer was sentenced to probation, which she violated, resulting in her being put away in jail for 30 days. In the recording of her testimony at the New Met Philly Church in Philadelphia, the star confessed that she was in denial of her alcoholism, and the 30 days in Jail was what helped her get her life back around. The court had ordered the singer to wear an ankle bracelet to monitor her alcoholism.

It took an ankle bracelet for me to stop drinking… December 7 (2018) was the last time I had alcohol.

While appearing on the popular self-help series, Iyanla: Fix My Life, Johnson also confessed how her alcoholism had adversely affected her relationship with her kids. She accepted that her children knew about her drinking problem and would always ask her not to drink when she went out of the house. 

The Gospel singer is currently living an alcohol-free life and currently working on her new album and book.