Lucas Grabeel was catapulted to stardom after portraying Ryan Evans in the 2006 hit film High School Musical. He retained his role in the two movie sequels and is one of the most loved characters of the iconic Disney movie series.

But Grabeel would prefer to not play Evans if he got the chance now. When talking to TMZ back in 2020, the actor revealed he wouldn’t take on the role of Ryan or any other gay characters even if they were offered to him.

The High School Musical star said he didn’t want to take away opportunities from other talented gay actors who could do the character justice.

There [are] so many talented gay actors that could do it as well. The last thing I want to do is take an opportunity away from other people. As a straight white man, I know that, even without trying, I’ve taken opportunities away from people.

Grabeel further stressed the importance of educating people from a young age about LGBTIQ+ people. He also added it was the responsibility of those in the film industry to use their platform to educate as well as entertain.

What Is Grabeel Up To?

After High School Musical, Grabeel went on to play in several other movies and TV series including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2010), Smallville (2006-2011), Sheriff Callie’s Wild West (2014-2017), and Switched at Birth (2011-2017). 


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Grabeel has also voiced many beloved characters in animated series like Family Guy (2010-2020), Cleopatra in Space (2020), Elena of Avalor (2016-2019), and the main character in Pinky Malinky (2018-2019).

Almost 11 years after appearing in the 3rd High School Musical movie, the actor once again returned to the High School Musical world.

He played himself in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series in 2019. Grabeel most recently voiced for The BeastBuds, Let’s Jam, and will voice Stinger in an untitled Cars project coming out in 2022.

Is Lucas Grabeel Married?

Grabeel is not married and has never had a wife. He was previously in a long relationship with actress Emily Morris and the two had even sparked engagement rumors.

However, Grabeel and Morris are no longer together and both seem to have moved on with new partners. So to those asking questions like "who is Lucas Grabeel's wife?" "Is Lucas Grabeel married?" Sadly, it isn't Emily Morris.

However, for those asking "Is Lucas Grabeel in a relationship?" Yes, he is.

Grabeel is dating Samie Kate and has made a few posts about her. According to her Instagram page, Kate is a writer and teacher who is also a huge Lord of the Rings fan. 

It’s not clear when Grabeel broke up with Morris or when he started dating Kate.

He first posted about Kate in September 2020, where he uploaded a picture of her. In the caption, the actor mentioned that he finally had the chance to flex his creativity and show off his girlfriend with the post.

The High School Musical star took to Instagram once again to wish his girlfriend a happy birthday in December 2020.