Spanish - German actor Daniel Brühl is well known for his roles in critically acclaimed movies like Inglorious BastardsThe Bourne UltimatumRushGood Bye Lenin! And The Promise. However, one of the notable roles he had played is that of Helmut Zemo, the manipulative villain in Captain America: Civil War, which he reprised in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

On April 2, after the release of episode 3 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the internet went into a frenzy over a specific moment — 25 seconds of awkward dancing by Zemo. 

Brühl Reaction To Zemo’s Dance

After the clip went viral, many fans asked Marvel to release the 'Zemo Cut' and 'Zemo Dance'. Executing exactly what their fans wanted, Marvel released an hour-long loop of Zemo dancing to their YouTube Channel.  

Brühl revealed the secret behind his dance - a glass of champagne. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he confessed he improvised the scene there and then, calling it a weird choice he made that day. Standing in the middle of the club, he said that he was supposed to do something, however; he saw the crowd dancing, and he just joined them. 

He revealed that when he heard the beats on the dance floor; he thought Zemo needed to relax and lay off some steam. Hilariously, he opened up about how Zemo would do anything to annoy Sam and Bucky. 

Brühl didn’t expect the dancing scene would make the cut. He confessed he was 100% sure that his dancing would never have been released. However, the actor said he was thrilled they kept it. 

Regarding the clip going viral, Brühl said that it made him happy and found it hilarious that people supported Zemo, given the villain’s history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The actor also said that besides the fans, his friends also sent him the clip of him dancing.

Brühl’s improvisation is not the only one that has made the cut when it comes to movies and series in the MCU. Robert Downey Jr.’s “I am Iron Man” at the end of the first movie of the Iron Man franchise, most of the scenes in Thor: Ragnarok, Anthony Hopkins terrifying growl as Odin in Thor, and many more have been improvised by the brilliant stars who have been a part of MCU.

Brühl Wasn’t Sure About Zemo’s Return

Brühl’s first appearance in the MCU as Zemo was in Captain America: Civil War. However, he was not sure about Zemo’s return. During his conversation with ET, he confessed that he always had hoped for Zemo’s return, but he didn’t know any plans MCU had for it. 

While he was shooting for an unnamed movie in Hungary, the director of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Kari Skogland, came to visit him with a briefcase that had Zemo's infamous purple mask. 

The actor was presented with the mask by Skogland, which he accepted, excited to revisit the character. Brühl confessed he wanted to show Zemo's aristocratic background and sense of humor, which is pretty clear from Zemo's awkward and funny dance.

Zemo's first appearance in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was on episode 3, and the final one is expected to be on the last episode of the miniseries, which will air on April 23 on Disney+.