The South Korean series adaptation The Masked Singer premiered on January 2, 2019, and was an instant fan favorite. Every week a group of mysterious celebrities dress in extravagant costumes and sings in front of a studio audience and a panel of judges: Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, and Nicole Scherzinger. 

At the end of the episode, one contestant who receives the lowest number of votes is unmasked in front of America, until only one remains the winner of the coveted Golden Mask. 

Hosted by Nick Cannon, the show is on its 5th season, and with the finale around the corner, here is the list of all the Season 5 reveals!

1. Kermit the Frog as Snail

The show was off to a wild start when it kicked off the wildest reveal in the history of Masked Singer. In the first episode, the snail was sent home, and instead of taking the mask off, the shell cracked to reveal non-other than the lovable green amphibian, Kermit the Frog. 

Fans really did not see that coming. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kermit revealed that all the Muppets knew he was on the show, and they actually signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement as well. 

2. Caitlyn Jenner as Phoenix

The Phoenix was the first celebrity to be eliminated from Group B, and it turned out to be the Olympic gold medalist and reality star, Caitlyn Jenner. Her tagline, “I’ve risen from the ashes,” is fitting for the rebirth she went through. 

3. Danny Trejo as Raccoon

In the third episode, the competition got fierce for Group A with a wildcard round. Season 5’s first wildcard contestant, Orca, took the stage and stole a contestant’s spot, more precisely Racoon’s spot. When the lovable, furry mask came off, it was revealed to be actor Danny Trejo. 

Although Trejo has a distinct gruff voice, the judges failed to guess his identity. 

4. Logan Paul as Grandpa Monster

It must have been the grandaddy costume that convinced Jenny McCarthy that the celebrity underneath the costume was Morgan Freeman, but some fans and Nicole Scherzinger were pretty close and guessed it was Jake Paul. 


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But once the mask came off, it was his older brother Logan Paul. The clues claimed that Grandpa Monster trained for battles, which is a nod to his recent career as a boxer. 

5. Nick Cannon as Bulldog

The panel was in for a surprise when they introduced the season’s second wildcard for Group B. At the last minute, the wildcard Bulldog got on stage and dedicated his cover of New Edition’s ‘Candy Girl’ to guest host Niecy Nash. 

After all the performances, in a surprising twist of events, Nash revealed that she would decide who would go home instead of letting the panel and virtual audience vote. She picked bulldog that happened to be Nick Cannon, who was resuming host duties henceforth. 

6. Mark McGrath as Orca

The first Wildcard to enter the competition was also the first to leave. The judges’ guesses included rockers Billy Joe Armstrong and Jon Bon Jovi before Sugar Ray’s lead singer Mark McGrath appeared from under Orca’s mask.

The singer revealed that despite being a professional singer, he was terrified of performing on The Masked Singer.

7. Bobby Brown as Crab

In the special 2-hour Super 8 episode, not one but two singers, Crab and Seashell, were eliminated. Crab’s clue package pointed towards Bobby Brown as the celebrity behind the mask, which wasn’t surprising when Ken Jeong guessed turned out to be correct.  

Brown not only got to perform, but he also enjoyed his fellow contestant belt out their own rendition of his former boy band songs. 

8. Tamera Mowry-Housley as Seashell

The second revelation of the special episode turned out to be our favorite Sister, Sister child star Tamera Mowry-Housley. “To have made it just like, this far means a lot because I have heard those voices back there. It was like, what the hell? But I had so much fun!” said the star. 

9. Tyrese Gibson as Robopine


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The latest revelation of Robopine the porcupine was a little controversial mainly because of the lies he told. Robopine claimed he was a 60-year-old grandfather-of-two from Costa Rica. Still, despite the trickery, Scherzinger and guest panelist Chrissy Metz guessed right: actor and singer Tyrese Gibson.

With four contestant left, we cannot wait to see which celebrity will take home the Golden Mask.