Rapper Young M.A just went Instagram official with her new girlfriend with a short video of her kissing her new partner. 

Her girlfriend, Kaylah Gooden, who goes by thegoodinfluence on Instagram, also shared snippets of their date on her Instagram stories.

According to her Instagram page, Gooden is an investor and lifestyle curator. She also has a big social media following with over 51.5k followers on Instagram alone.

This is the first time Young M.A. has stepped out with a girlfriend after her split from her ex-girlfriend, Mya Yafai.

Young M.A. And Mya Yafai

Young M.A. dated Yafai, an actress, and model starting in February 2019. A few months after they got together, they made an appearance at Megan Thee Stallion’s Hottieween party dressed as Beauty and the Beast.

The rapper and her then-girlfriend also went to Dubai in February 2020 to celebrate Valentine’s day and continued enjoying their stay there for the following weeks. 

The two were going strong, and Young M.A. described their relationship as “imperfect” but ultimately “worth it.”

However, news of their break up came in March 2020. It’s not clear what resulted in their split, and none of the parties have shared about it. 

Mya Yafai Moved On With Davido

In February 2021, the video of Yafai holding hands with Nigerian singer Davido as they arrived for an event at the Caribbean island went viral. 

At the time, Davido was on holiday in St. Maarten with his team, and as the video caught attention, rumors saying the two had been a thing since December 2020 began circulating.

Young M.A. reacted to her ex moving on with Davido during an Instagram Live session not long after the video surfaced. She said what Yafai did with her life wasn’t her concern and didn’t bother her.

I don’t care about what anyone decides to do with their life, romantically or otherwise. It’s her decision after all, but I would advise she gets the bad.

Before getting together with Yafai, Davido was in a relationship with Chioma. The two started dating in 2017 and went public with it in the following year.

The singer proposed to Chioma in 2019, and they welcomed a baby in the same year.

Their marriage was scheduled for 2020, but the two never exchanged vows.

Many speculated that they were going through a rough patch in their relationship, which gained further traction after he was spotted together with Yafai.

People grew sure of things having ended between Chioma and Davido after he referred to her as “MAMA IFY” while wishing her a happy birthday in April 2021.