Trigger Warning: The following article deals with adult subject matter (gun violence and manslaughter). Please proceed at your discretion.

The cosplay artist Yandere Freak, previously known as Snow The Salt Queen, was charged with three counts of manslaughter when they shot their friend by accident in January 2021.

However, since they got out of prison, they have owned up to their actions and even created a digital persona to match it. In fact, their new alias, Yandere Freak (@yandere.freak) in itself has dark roots. 

Yandere Freak Was Charged for Manslaughter

Yandere Freak, whose real name is Mary Anne Oliver Snow, was arrested on January 18, 2021. As per the case records of the event, she "recklessly caused the death of Helen Rose Hastings by pointing a handgun at the compliant and pulling the trigger." The documents further reflected that the gruesome event happened on or about January 17, 2021. 

Apparently, Snow had brought a gun from their ex-boyfriend. To their knowledge, the bullets were taken out, and the magazine was withdrawn. However, there was still a bullet in the chamber. 

Since they were deeply invested in DC's Gotham at the time, they were pretending to be Penguin, one of the antagonists of the show. But, when the victim jokingly said, "Oh, shoot me," things took a turn for the worst.

Ultimately, they were released sometime in February on a $20,000 bond.

What Does Yandere Freak Mean?

For those uninitiated in the world of anime, Yandere Freak might sound like a random moniker. However, this name has some sinister roots. Well, the word "Freak" needs no explanation, but the word "Yandere" actually comes from the land of the rising sun. 

According to CBR, the word can be broken down into two, "Yan" and "Dere." Dere is a list of archetypes characters often used in anime. Different characters land themselves into different categories based on their traits. 

Now, "Yan" refers to the Japanese word "yanderu," meaning mentally or emotionally ill. The outlet described yandere as masters of deception who are kind and sweet most of the time, but when their love interest is concerned, they could descend into sociopathic violence. So much so that they have been known to kill their love interest to prevent them from getting close to anyone else.

Yandere Freak Claimed to be 'IRL Junko Enoshima'

Then comes Snow's Instagram bio! It reads, "IRL Junko Enoshima." Again, that name might mean nothing to your average Joe, but to people who closely follow anime, Junko Enoshima is a dark anime character who went as far as to kill her sister.

If one were to list out all of Enoshima's crimes, the list would include kidnapping, assault, battery, murder, breaking and entering, terrorism, treason, conspiracy to commit murder, and misuse of public property. That's quite a rap sheet! 

In the Japanese animated drama, Enoshima is also manipulated other people to kill each other and left the whole world in tatters. However, it is likely that Snow was just exaggerating when she announced that she was Enoshima in real life.