Whoopi Goldberg is an interesting personality. From being an actress to being a political talk show host, she has done almost everything in the entertainment business.

During her time in the spotlight, she has made people laugh and frown with the things she has said — her remarks about the Holocaust in early 2022.

But, there is one thing about the TV personality that you might not have noticed until now, despite her decades in front of the camera. And it's right on her face.

Whoopi Goldberg Has No Eyebrows

If you didn't know, now you do. And if you never noticed, now you will.

Goldberg, whose real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, has been on our screens for so long that her face is ubiquitously recognized. But one thing no one seems to notice is her missing eyebrows.

The actress has not had eyebrows for as long as she has been on TV. And the reason is not that shocking.

She just does not like them.

Whoopi Goldberg's missing eyebrows and the reason she shaves them off has baffled people for a long time.

Whoopi Goldberg's missing eyebrows and the reason she shaves them off have baffled people for a long time. (Photo: Whoopi Goldberg/Instagram)

During an interview with VH1 (via Runway Riot), Goldberg revealed that she keeps removing her eyebrows. She said that she did not like to have facial hair and shaved her eyebrows off for that reason. But, as hair does, it grew back.

They were itchy when they grew back, and that apparently annoyed her even more. So, since then, she has kept removing them every time they grew in.

This seems to be the only time Goldberg has addressed her missing eyebrows. And, to add to this eyebrow-raising mystery, the interview where she reportedly said this does not exist anymore on the mainstream internet.

Regardless of whether she ever addressed their absence, the internet is full of people asking about them. Some even find humor in this.

Whoopi Goldberg's Eyebrows in Pop Culture

Goldberg's missing eyebrows seem to generate a lot of buzz on the internet. Most of the reactions are from people who never noticed they were not there.

Twitter is full of people who are amazed at how they noticed Goldberg has no brows. These tweets are from all over the past decade, and the number of tweets always seems to increase with each passing day.

Among these, some also connect their lack to her acting abilities. Many are amazed at how the actress has always delivered facial expressions in front of the camera so well without them.

A few have compared The View host's eyebrows to be the same as Super Saiyan's brows.

Somebody even named their Twitter account 'Whoopi Goldberg's Eyebrows.' And others have made various skits on YouTube, the most notable one being 'Searching For: Whoopi Goldberg's Eyebrows,' uploaded on February 1, 2008.