Sydney Ness was never not a well-known person. But up until recently, her fame was mostly limited to the fashion community and her devoted fans.

However, after her dating rumors with Taylor Swift's brother, Austin Swift, her name has made it to the headlines of (almost) every major publication out there. Still, nobody really knows much about her. So,

Who Is Sydney Ness?

Ness is primarily a model. Her birthday falls on July 21, although the model seems uninterested in sharing her birthday on social media.

There seem to be no birthday posts on her Instagram, and she also has not mentioned her age in her few interviews over the years.

Ness started her modeling career very early. Originally from Wisconsin, the model, who is now signed with Natural Models Management and Ford Models, got into modeling at 15 through her family friends.

Her parents were not that fond of the idea, but they went along with her decision. She even convinced her mother to take her to a casting in Chicago. She got a callback from there, but it was not all as straightforward as it sounds.

Sydney Ness, who is rumored to be dating Taylor Swift's brother Austin Swift.

Sydney Ness, who is rumored to be dating Taylor Swift's brother Austin Swift. (Photo: Sydney Ness/Instagram)

At 5 feet 11 inches tall (now) and a body that was considered being a plus-size then, she was given two options — either lose weight or see what happens naturally over time (she was only 15 when this happened) and sign a contract with agencies as a plus-size model, a new thing at the time.

She went with the second option.

"I had always been into sport and had always been super healthy and granted, I was a little bigger than most, but I am also six foot tall," she said during her interview with Taylor Magazine in December 2017. "I didn’t think much of it and I just thought I would give it a go."

After a few local modeling gigs, she went to New York for a while. Then, she took time off from modeling during a stressful time in her life — she even lost weight, and people's comments insinuating she looked fine with lost weight nearly got her into the mindset of thinking being thinner was the way to go.

Right around this time — which caused her so much stress she even stopped going to college — she almost decided to lose weight and go into "straight-sized" modeling. But, Natural Models caught her attention at the right time, and she has been with the agency since then.

She was living in LA when the interview took place, but she is back in New York now.

Sydney Ness and Austin Swift’s Dating Rumors

Ness and Swift's dating rumors began on September 3, 2022, when the rumored couple was spotted taking a casual stroll in New York on September 1, 2022.

Both were dressed in casual outfits — he was donning a white shirt with darker blue jeans and a pair of brown shoes, whereas she had a black top on with grey pants and white shoes — as they walked down the street hand-in-hand.

Dating rumors began circulating around on the internet immediately as the hand-holding immediately provided people with enough material to speculate about their dating life. Neither, however, has confirmed nor denied the rumors yet.

This seems to be the first dating rumor they have about them on the internet. Neither Ness nor Swift have been linked with other people in the past, at least on the web.