Plastic surgery is a topic of prevalence in Hollywood. While eagle-eyed fans are always looking for the secret behind celebrities' long-lasting looks, not all Hollywood compatriots are open about their choice of beauty treatments. 

That being said, a few fan-favorite stars like Whitney Cummings are trailblazing the way to normalize plastic surgery. The famed comedian has been vocal about all the artificial remedies she has done to amplify her beauty. 

Cummings has also revealed the reason behind opting for plastic surgery and the consequences before and after. 

Whitney Cummings on Reason behind Plastic Surgery 

During an interview on Ashley Graham's podcast Pretty Big Deal in November 2019, Cummings became candid about going under the knife.

The 39-year-old revealed that she had three different breast augmentation surgeries because of her insecurities with body dysmorphia.

In her own words, Cummings had an eating disorder her whole life. Her way of food consumption altered the growth of her body during puberty, making her breasts grow in different sizes. 

The asymmetry troubled the comic for most of her life. But as opting for plastic surgery was never a discussed topic, she had her first breast augmentation in secret. 

For me, it was really about sort of erasing in a big way sort of the things that reminded me of the disordered eating and what my body was like back then.

Later, Cummings added two more surgeries to have her ideal body shape. And with time, she admittedly learned to be vocal about her procedures and appreciate her body. 

Whitney Cummings' Cosmetics Procedures

Besides enhancing her breasts through surgery, the Georgetown native has also opted for other beauty treatments.

She became forthright about the procedures in another interview with New Beauty in December 2020.

As per her accounts, she got Botox on her forehead to get rid of her migraines. But, unfortunately, while the method undoubtedly helped her look younger and enhanced her skin, it didn't aid her headache. 

The other beauty enhancement treatment Cummings mentioned was Ultherapy, a non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatment. She had the filler on the side of her nose. 

Unlike all her peers in the entertainment industry, Cummings has boldly spoken about her cosmetic procedures. "I just don't lie. I don't want to pretend," she told New Beauty. 

The 2 Broke Girls star opined, saying truth was much cooler than fabricating stories. She even stated she wanted to be "like the Peter Pan of self-care and health and beauty."  All in all, she hoped she could get all the beauty secrets and share them with everybody else.