Linda Kozlowski's personal and professional life took off at the same time during the 1980s.

The former actress, who is most known for her role as Sue Charlton in the '80s hit Crocodile Dundee franchise, met her future husband Paul Hogan on the set of the movie.

She married him, and they had a long, successful relationship. However, both her acting and her personal life took unexpected turns as the 2000s approached. She retired from acting and divorced her husband in 2014. Since then, she has been living a life away from show business.

Linda Kozlowski’s Marriage and Retirement

Kozlowski, born on January 7, 1958, in a Polish-American family in Fairfield, Connecticut, was interested in acting from an early age. After graduating from Fairfield's Andrew Warde High School in 1976, she studied acting at the Juilliard School and graduated from there in 1981.

A drama major, she went straight into theater acting, first taking on stage roles off-Broadway. She did those until 1985 while also waiting tables. A year later, her big break in Crocodile Dundee came along.

In 1986, she was cast alongside Hogan in Crocodile Dundee. They developed strong chemistry on set, which later turned into a real-life romance.

Crocodile Dundee II came out in 1988, and with their romance going strong, Kozlowski married Hogan on May 5, 1990. They were a power couple of their time, so much so that they had to ban reporters from attending their intimate Byron Bay, Sydney wedding.

They married at a multi-million mansion Hogan built for her in Sydney, which was also her wedding gift. His five kids from his previous marriage with his Noelene Edwards had all attended their nuptials.

Following their wedding, the pair had their son, Chance Hogan, in 1998. Chance, according to reports, is now a punk musician.

Kozlowski and Hogan's final years of marriage were not that great, and by the time 2013 arrived, their relationship was done. They always had a lack of shared interests and apparently grew apart as time passed.

So, in October 2013, Kozlowski filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences." Their legal separation took a year to be completed.

In her amicable divorce, she walked away with $6.25 million, shared custody of their son, and no obligation to pay child or spousal support. The former couple did not consider their time together a failure.

After the divorce, the actress, who retired from acting in 2001 — she worked on Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles in 2001 — became even more low-key. She instead focused on business and using her divorce payment to the maximum.

What Happened to Linda Kozlowski?

Nothing, really. She wanted to live her life the way she wanted and felt like it was her time to shine alone after the divorce.

In September 2014, she said in an interview that she "lived in Paul's shadow for many, many years and it's nice to feel my own light right now." And Kozlowski was going to bring the spotlight on her with new business ventures, far away from show business.

Kozlowski tried her hand at flipping properties for a while, something she already did while with Hogan. But she seemed to move on from that pretty quickly.

The former actress was already working on a "new business venture" when that interview took place. By December 2014, she had already found a new love in her current husband, Moulay Hafid Baba, a Moroccan tour guide.

Linda Kozlowski today travels the world with her current husband, Moulay Hafid Baba.

Kozlowski with her current husband, Moulay Hafid Baba. (Photo: Linda Kozlowski/Instagram)

Kozlowski and Baba met through their film producer friends and soon started a business together.

They are today the owners of Dream My Destiny, a Moroccan tour company based in Marrakesh, Morocco.

They eventually got married in 2017 and now share time between Morocco and Los Angeles, California. Today, she is an avid traveler and goes on trips all around the world with her husband.