Walton Goggins has been married to his wife Nadia Conners for a decade now. The enduring relationship started from what Goggins would recall as an awkward first date. 

The pair were set up by a mutual friend, but Goggins had no idea about it. He thought he was attending a business dinner to collect funds for his movie.

But, amidst the ongoing meet-up, the famed actor realized that a "beautiful woman" had approached him.

She introduced herself to him as Nadia Conners, sat beside him, and bluntly stated, "Well, tell me about you." 

Confused, Goggins talked about his project, but Conner unhesitantly interjected him. This time, she made him clear she wanted to know him personally. 

Although still confused, the 50-year-old started talking about himself and listened to what Conners had to say about her. At the end of her conversation, Conners made Goggins drop her home and even take her number. 

The following day, the actor called her, and the duo started hanging out.

And while Goggins believed it was solely Collins who made the first step, it took him almost six months to realize that they were initially set for a blind date. Yet, despite the unclarity, he still fell in love with the film director. 

Walton Goggins Loved His Wife's Openness

In an interview with the news outlet named Military in 2011, Goggins shared surprising facts about himself.

"I like sad music," she stated, elaborating that singers like Ben Harper and Patsy Cline made him acknowledge his feeling. 

He alluded he enjoyed listening to people who always had something to say. "I like laughing and I like honesty," he added.

Right after the statement, Goggins uttered that his preference translated into his personal life as well. 

Goggins said that one reason he fell in love with his wife was her openness.

"To be in a relationship with someone who has something profound to say about everything, that's a real gift to have that in your union," he remarked. 

The Alabama native also referred to love as a great releaser and the greatest gift in life. "You know, we all want to be loved," he stated, concluding the topic about relationships.

Goggins Married Nadia in 2011

Goggins and Nadia started dating circa 2005 and welcomed their son Augustus in February 2011. 

When their son turned 6-months-old, the pair tied the knot through an intimate wedding ceremony in August. They married in their backyard in front of only three people, including their newborn. 

The lovebirds renewed their vows years later, on November 9, 2019. "Truthfully, it felt like we were marrying for the first time," Conners wrote on an Instagram post, announcing the big news. 

She recounted how they had no guests at their first wedding and revealed that they invited more friends to their surprise celebratory ceremony. "It was the dream wedding," she stressed, elaborating that it felt great. 

Goggins also shared a similar sentiment, posting a gallery of pictures from the celebration on Instagram.

In the caption, the father-of-one shared that the day was joyful. In addition, he thanked all the guests in attendance for making the day memorable for them. 

Long before Goggins tied the knot with Collins, he was married to Leanne Kaun from 2001 to 2004. Sadly, the marriage ended after his first wife died by suicide on November 12, 2004.