Twitterati have long fawned over Walton Goggins's "majestic" teeth. In fact, his teeth have somewhat of a fan following of their own. 

What many don't know is that Goggin's teeth are not real; they're fake teeth he got after he knocked them off for a second time. How he lost his teeth the first time? Now, that is a story worth telling. 

Walton Goggins Caught a Baseball...With His Mouth

During an appearance on the talk show Conan back in 2016, Goggins relived the story of how he lost his front two teeth when he was at baseball practice as a teenager. 

Back in 1979, Goggins had shown up late to baseball practice when he was in the fifth grade, and as punishment, he had to take a lap. 

He was just starting, running to the centerfield when he heard a voice call out his name. As soon as he heard them scream "Walton," he swiftly turned around.

As he turned around, a baseball lodged between his lips. 

He caught the baseball with his mouth, and his two front teeth were lying on the ground next to him. 

Walton Goggins & His Teeth Made It to the ER

Understandably, everyone there freaked out. These weren't baby teeth that had fallen off; he would not grow a new set of teeth. Goggins's mother's then-boyfriend was in close vicinity because he took Goggins and his two teeth to the emergency room as fast as he could. 

Goggins didn't have a perfect recollection of how things went down once he was in the ER. Still, he remembered that the doctor in the ER was on the phone with a dentist, and he said, 

I have his two teeth. No, they're here. I have them in my hand. No, No, they're not in his mouth. Oh, I have to put them back in his gums right now?

Just like that, the doctor shoved the teeth back into the cavity they'd left in his gums. As Goggins recalled, the doctor did not even use a local anesthetic. 

To this day, it is one of the most painful experiences that the actor has been through. Thankfully, the teeth took, connected to the roots, and healed. 

Walton Goggins' Front Teeth Just Weren't Meant to Be

Little did Goggins know they would not stay there for long. 

A year and a half after this horrific incident, Goggins lost his front teeth once again when he dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool. As he dove in, he hit the bottom of the pool face first and knocked his front teeth clean off. 

The doctors couldn't put the teeth back in this time around, and they couldn't replace them with permanent fakes, either. So, for the entirety of his high school career, he walked around with detachable fake teeth. 

Sometime in the future, he had his detachable dentures replaced for a set of permanent fixes. Sadly, we don't have before and after photos to contrast. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Walton Goggins's "majestic" teeth came to be.