It’s no secret that rapper and reality star Waka Flocka and his wife, Tammy Rivera, have had their fair share of marital woes. 

Flocka and Rivera got married in May 2014, but since then, their marriage has been riddled with scandals and rumors of Flocka cheating. The couple’s marital journey was chronicled on the VH1’s hit show Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

This led to a break up for six months, in 2016, after Rivera finally reached her breaking point regarding the infidelity. The pair were in an on-again-off-again relationship, but this time it looks like the two will split up for good. 

According to a post on The Neighborhood Talk Instagram, a source confirmed that the couple had been apart for a year now and was heading for a divorce soon. 

However, this time, it wasn't because of Flocka's infidelity. Instead, the pair had grown apart. 

Waka Flocka Cheating Scandals

Flocka and Rivera’s marital troubles started even before they were married. A few weeks before their wedding, an unidentified woman shared a picture of Flocka sleeping beside her, after the two allegedly spent the night together. 

Then in July 2014, only months after their marriage, a Miami stripper came forward and revealed that the rapper had allegedly spent the entire weekend with her. The woman reached out to Rivera on Instagram and threatened that she would release Flocka’s lewd tape if he did not stop lambasting her on social media. 

Those comments have since been deleted from a post on the Love & Hip Hop star’s page. 

Another incident of his cheating came to light on June 7, 2016. A woman named Simone Patton appeared out of nowhere and berated the ‘No Hands’ rapper for cheating on his partner with her. She threatened him with evidence of their time together. 

She also shared that while they were together, Rivera continuously tried to FaceTime him, and that she was not the only reason the duo were on a break. This probably meant that Flocka was cheating on Rivera with other women as well. 

The couple separated for 6 months, but they eventually patched things up. 

Waka Flocka Claims His Cheating Helped Tammy Rivera 

It is one thing to cheat on your spouse, but it is another thing to claim that the cheating helped your wife. Flocka’s delusions were expressed in an episode of Waka & Flocka: What The Flocka

In the episode, during a couple's therapy session with Dr. Siri, the rapper claimed that his cheating had benefitted his wife. He iterated that the challenges strengthened her and prepared her for the public scrutiny of being a celebrity.

But Rivera was not having any of it, and she quickly disagreed. Instead, she revealed that his cheating only added insecurities and made her lose trust. 

Rivera admitted that all the challenges that came with Flocka’s fame made her impervious and “suit up for war."