Waka Flocka Flame was once a self-proclaimed "wack rapper," who went on to make a fortune with his rhymes in hip-hop.

There was a point in his life where he started questioning why he was even rapping anymore.

However, since then, he has found a new drive and a new goal to work towards. 

Flocka Flame Had Enough

The year 2018 had been an eventful one for the rapper. He released four projects that year alone. But flooding the market with new music was not his highlight for that year. 

2018 was when he announced his retirement from rap and stated he was moving on.

Even the albums that he had dropped that year were forced, or so he admitted to Raquel Harper on BET's Raq Rants. He added

I did what I came to do. I made past $30 million dollars. Everybody I started with is rich. Everybody I started with is happy. I don't have nothing else to do.

He also confessed that it wasn't the money alone that drove him to the decision to leave the game behind. It was also his age and family. 

The then 32-year-old addressed how he was a grown man and that it was time to move on to become a family man with his wife, Tammy Rivera.

The following year, he also welcomed a baby girl, Charlie Rivera. 

Questioning His Place in the Rap Game

In another interaction, this one with Complex in 2020, the rapper tackled topics like artist development, why rap was not dangerous, and financial literacy. 

During that session, Flame revealed that he had made thirty million dollars by 2013, and at that point in his life, he was not sure about why he was in the rap game anymore. 

He had achieved what he'd set out to achieve, at least to a certain degree. And from that point onwards, the rapper had his eyes set on a new goal.

He wanted to pursue this path of wealth to become a billionaire. But this time around, he wanted to do it with businesses because he had done what he wanted to do with rap. 

The One Time He Was Broke

Also, during the conversation, Flame recalled a time that he went broke after he found his fame and fortune, albeit it was just that one time. 

The once multimillionaire was down to his last twenty thousand dollars. At that point in Flame's career, he was not doing shows and was living off savings.

Still, it was a revelation for the rapper. It made him realize that the people around him loved what he did for them and not him, per se. 

Thankfully, that was when his wife Tammy entered the picture, centered his life, and got him to focus on the things that really mattered to him. 

All in all, Waka Flocka Flame has his eyes set on becoming a billionaire in the near future, even though his current net worth is not public knowledge.