Vincent Herbert and his ex-wife, Tamar Braxton's divorce, was the talk of the town back in July 2019. 

TMZ got their hands on the legal documents that announced that Herbert and Tamar were officially single. Although, at the time, only their marital status was annulled. 

The couple was yet to finalize the asset situation—how they'd be divided and such. 

A good amount of time has passed since then, and as of this writing, the fandom is back to questioning Herbert's relationship status: Who is Vincent Herbert Dating? Does he have a new wife or maybe a new girlfriend?

About Vincent Herbert & Tamar Braxton

Dialing the clock back to where all of this began, Herbert and his former wife began dating back in 2003. It was Tamar's sister, Toni Braxton, that broke the ice. 

At the time, Toni was working professionally with the record executive. After dating for more than a couple of years, the couple finally decided to ring the wedding bells. 

Herbert and Tamar got married in 2008, and in their nine years of marriage, they welcomed a baby boy into the world, Logan Vincent. 

If you were confused with the maths, we say nine years of marriage because the couple actually split in 2017. By October that year, they had already lodged the paperwork for their divorce. 

While the divorce proceedings would have taken a little more time to go through, Tamar requested the judge to fast-track the process to change her marital status in April 2019. 


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Who Is Vincent Herbert Dating?

After being berated by fans and the press for over a year, Tamar had made it crystal clear that she and her ex-husband were not getting together.

Just as fans were making their peace with the idea, the rumor mill churned out a new set of headlines—Vincent Herbert's new girlfriend was an 18-year-old. 

Well, it wasn't just a rumor, though. A teenager by the name of Jamie Taylor came forward claiming to have been in a relationship with Herbert for about a year. This was around late 2020.

Vincent Herbert & New Girlfriend Dating Since His Divorce

Taylor broke the news on her new romance during an Instagram live session. However, she was careful not to drop any names. She claimed that this mystery individual was a rapper and a producer. 

Thankfully, she was not alone in the live session. The other person there was Akbar, and it's her that fans need to thank for spilling the tea. She was the one who named Herbert. 

According to the new girlfriend, she and the record exec. had been together since right after the divorce. But then again, things weren't exactly smooth sailing with the new girlfriend. 

As per Madame Noire (via CheatSheet), Herbert told Taylor, 

You gon always be my boo but I’m trying to work it out with my baby momma.’ But here’s the thing: I can’t have anybody over to my house [because of Vince]. I can’t do none [sic] of that. 

Not long after, the ex-wife spiced up the drama claiming that Herbert was introducing another woman to his inner circle, and this woman was not Taylor. 

Then again, Taylor claimed to know about this other woman, as did she. 

Even with all of this transpiring, practically setting the interweb ablaze, Herbert has been mum.