Vince Neil has solidified his name in the world of heavy metal music thanks to his time as a lead vocalist for the band Motley Crüe and had made a fortune

The Los Angeles native has an estimated net worth of $50 million.


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 However, the same cannot be said about his marital status. 

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For the longest time, fans of the vocalist have been voicing: Who is Vince Neil's spouse?

Well, as of this writing, Neil doesn't have a spouse. He does have a girlfriend, though. 

Read the full article to know about Vince Neil's dating and marital life, including his children. 

Vince Neil & His Girlfriend Hannah Rain

Neil has been in a relationship with YouTuber and makeup influencer Hannah Rain for the last few years. 


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Neil and Rain has no children together, but Neil got to welcome three children, Neil Jason Wharton (born 1978), Elizabeth Ashley Wharton (1983), and Skylar Lynnae Neil (1991-1995),  into the world from his past relationships.

The couple made major headlines back in June 2020 when their beloved pet dog was brutally "hunted" and killed by their neighbor's pets. 

At the time, the girlfriend took to her Instagram to share a eulogy to commemorate her pet's passing.

In the now-deleted post, she outlined how she and her boyfriend were "beyond devastated by her passing." 

Reportedly, the couple found out via security footage how their adored pooch Cali was "brutally hunted five steps from our front door by our viscous neighbors' kill for sport dogs."

She asked fans to keep Cali in their prayers and announced that the late canine's spirit would forever live on in their memories.

But now, Neil's girlfriend Rain remains out of the public limelight and only features on her partner's Instagram and social media posts. 

She is no longer active on Youtube and Facebook but shares her memories clicked with Veince on Twitter.  

And she is currently assisting her boyfriend in managing his diverse business investments, including Schoolhouse, a private event venue with a club catered to artists.

Indeed, it was surprising for everyone when Hannah suddenly downed her social media activities that usually featured her makeup content, her love for yoga and animals, and her relationship with Vince.

But it is also understandable why a celeb partner would prefer to stay out of controversies and the spotlight by staying low-key. 

Hannah and Neil stated on social media that they were dating in 2012. 

This year, she also opened her Youtube channel to share her experience as a professional makeup artist. 

She was super excited to share the immense knowledge that she had gained over the years on concerts, red-carpet events, weddings, and so on. 

After a series of videos, her followers started growing and she started diversifying her content from everyday makeup to events-focused.

On Instagram, she shared her love for her boyfriend, travel, nature, and yoga.

Before his relationship with Rain, Neil had been married four times. Meet his former spouses. 

1. Beth Lynn

Neil got married to his first spouse Beth Lynn back in 1981. Sadly, the couple didn't stay together for very long, as per reports from Ultimate Classic Rock.


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In their time together, the couple became a family of four. They shared a son, Neil Wharton, who is now a father himself, making Neil a grandfather in 2011. 

Neil and his spouse welcomed a baby girl named Elizabeth Ashley in 1983, five years after their firstborn. 

Neil and Lynn parted ways over a divorce in 1985. 

2. Sharise Neil

Two years after divorcing Lynn, Neil got married for a second time to Sharise Neil. 

They were married from 1987 to 1993, with the details surrounding their separation going largely under the radar back then. 


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That was until 2012 when Sharise opened up on the TV show called Ex-Wives of Rock (via Noise Creep) about why the relationship failed. 

Reportedly, the rocker had two personalities: "the sweet and gentlemanly side and the other side."

The loving side gifted her rare Porches and Chanel bags, whereas the other side was a drunk, a junkie, and the wild man on the road who spent money as fast as he made it. 

Apparently, despite his celebrity status, the divorce settlement amounted to less than $100,000. 

The couple had one daughter together, Skylar, who unfortunately lost a battle with cancer. on 15 August 1995. Therefore, Sharise had no reason to maintain contact with her ex-husband. 

Their daughter, Skylar, was diagnosed with the rare condition of kidney cancer called Wilms' tumor at the age of 4.  She then had to go through multiple chemotherapy sessions, operations and radiation sessions. 

3. Heidi Mark

Neil's third marriage was to Playboy Playmate Heidi Mark, and it lasted for one short year at the turn of the millennia. They married in 2000 and divorced in 2001. 

Not much else is known about their time together except for the fact that his former spouse filed for divorce citing alcohol abuse and violent tendencies. 

Vince Neil & his rumored spouse Hannah Rain posing with their pooch

Vince Neil & his girlfriend Hannah Rain posing with their pooch (Source: Instagram)

As per reports from Rollingstone, the rocker has a history of violent outbursts and even had skirmishes with the law because of it. 

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4. Lia Gerardini

Neil got married for the fourth time to longtime girlfriend Lia Gerardini in January 2005 over a Las Vegas wedding. 

The marriage lasted for a good five years before the couple parted ways in 2010.

In an interview with New York Magazine, he confessed that over time he and his spouse just drifted apart and were more like roommates than husband-wife.

How Old is Vince Neil Now?

Born on 8 February 1961 (age 62) in Los Angeles, California, United States to Shirley and Colis Wharton, Vincent Neil Wharton derives mixed ethnicity from his parents. 


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His mother is of Mexcian ancestry and his father is of Native American ancestry.