Michael Jordan is a living legend, no doubt about that. His professional career as an NBA superstar and a business owner is an open book for all to see and admire. However, the same cannot be said of his personal life. 

Regarding his family and five children, Jordan prefers to keep things low-key, especially when it comes to his youngest twins Victoria and Ysabel Jordan

Victoria and Ysabel Jordan: The Youngest of the Jordan Siblings

However, not much is known about the identical twins, Ysabel and Victoria Jordan. Jordan's manager got in touch with E! News and revealed that the twins were born on Sunday, February 9, 2014, in West Palm Beach, Florida, to Jordan and his second wife, Yvette Prieto. 

"Yvette and the babies are doing well and the family is overjoyed at their arrival," the source affirmed. 

The news about the couple's pregnancy first broke in November 2013. However, at the time, the couple was not expecting twins. Instead, it was reported that this would be the first child for the Cuban-American model and the fourth child for the former Chicago Bulls star turned Charlotte Bobcats owner.

Understandably, the NBA goliath's fanbase was pleasantly surprised when they found out that the couple had birthed twins.

Although the twins are seven years old as of this writing, Jordan and his wife have been awfully secretive about the girls' personal lives.

Even their three elder siblings: Jasmine Mickael Jordan, Jeffery Michael Jordan, and Marcus James Jordan have refrained from mentioning the twins in their social media. 

Michael Jordan Has Always Been Secretive

Evidently, the secrecy is intentional, as Jordan keeps his professional life and personal life distinctly apart. In fact, his elder kids have gone on record to state that they were unaware of the massive scope of their father's career growing up. 

During a 2018 interview with Instyle, Jasmine talked about how Jordan was just her dad, and that was all she really knew. It was only when her peers began telling her she was lucky to have a parent like Jordan that she decided to look him up. She said, 

It wasn’t until my pre-teens at about 12 or 13 years old that I literally went on YouTube and looked up ‘Michael Jordan’ just to see why everyone was so obsessed.

Her friends would often ask her what it was like to have Michael Jordan as a father figure, and all she could come up with was, "He's just my dad and it's fun." 

Jasmine even questioned her father about his status and why everyone continually berated her with all those questions, and she could only recall her father laughing at the question. 

As of this writing, his eldest three children have all grown up and are pursuing sports-related careers of their own. They are also active on social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. But since the youngest of the Jordan siblings are still kids, Jordan has persistently kept them away from the public eye. 

Jordan and his now-wife met for the first time in 2008 and dated for three years before he finally popped the question on Christmas 2011. The couple got married in a lavish ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida, in April 2013.