Tyrese Gibson, who had been married to estranged wife Samantha Lee since February 2017, parted ways with her nearly four years later in December 2020.

The former couple shared a joint statement with their fans and followers via Instagram to confirm the news.

"We have decided to make a statement of a painful and significant development in our lives," the statement read.

"After much thought, consideration, and prayer, We unfortunately have made the difficult decision to officially separate & divorce."

"We unfortunately have made the difficult decision to officially separate & divorce."(Source: @tyrese's Instagram)

But less than a week after the 42-year-old actor announced their split, the divorce seemed like a chaotic affair. Gibson found himself fighting his estranged wife's claims.

Tyrese Gibson's Wife Samantha Lee Made Various Claims against Him

Lee, who initially filed for divorce in September, made various claims against Gibson.

One of the claims was that he changed the locks to their Georgia home when they were still married. However, the actor denied her claim.

Similarly, she also accused him of cutting her off financially. Rightly so, in his documents, he acknowledged that he had issues with his ex-wife's financial demands for $20,000 per month in child support, calling the amount "unreasonably high."

The 'Sweet Lady' singer further requested that Lee "should not be awarded any spousal support" because he felt she was "more than capable of providing for herself."

The docs even mentioned that their "pre-marital agreement establishes a limit for any spousal support awarded."

What's more? Gibson also wanted Lee to pay her own attorney fees.

Tyrese Gibson Never Wanted a Divorce

In his divorce docs, the Los Angeles-born artist shared that he was "uncertain" about the reason that led to his split from Lee.

Tyrese Gibson and his ex-wife Samantha Lee.

Tyrese Gibson and his ex-wife Samantha Lee. (Photo: Instagram)

The couple reportedly split in August 2020 after the actor flew home from a movie set.

He was first confronted by his now ex-wife, who later "threatened to call the police" after a "tense" three-hour conversation.

Since Gibson didn't want to engage with police because of his "multiple public incidents involving police brutality and racially motivated killings of unarmed African American people," he chose to leave the house in an Uber.

Therefore, he noted that he still loved Lee and "does not want a divorce" in the divorce papers.

He was also "willing to participate in whatever counseling is necessary" to save his marriage with her.

Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Lee Are Co-Parenting Now

Despite all those efforts, he, or his ex-wife, could not save the marriage and had to finalize the divorce in a mutual agreement.

Gibson, whose song 'Stay' won Song of the Year at Soul Train Music Awards in 2012, agreed to pay for the couple's daughter Soraya's medical and educational expenses.


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In addition, he was willing to pay for her medical, dental, and vision insurance. Still, he requested that any medical or counseling expenses not covered by insurance be "split equally" between him and his ex-wife.

"Our intention is to remain the best of friends & strong coparents," the former couple's joint statement also stated.

"We feel incredibly blessed to have found each other and deeply grateful for the 4 years we have been married to each other."

At present, Gibson is allegedly dating his new girlfriend Zelie Timothy while also filling the shoes of a co-parent with Lee.