Txunamy Ortiz grew up in the limelight because of the frequent appearances she made on her family’s YouTube channel, Familia Diamond.

Over the years, the channel has amassed over 7.9 million subscribers. On top of it, Txunamy herself has also gathered a massive fan following, with over 4.7 million followers on her Instagram alone.

She frequently posts on her social media and has also recently started appearing in other projects.

In March 2022, Txunamy starred in a YouTube video titled ‘High School GIRL Gets A BOYFRIEND, She Instantly Regrets It,’ which was uploaded on the LOVE XO channel.

The channel uploads several videos that focus on stories of teens and what they go through in high school. Txunamy’s parents reacted to the video and uploaded it to their family channel to show their support for their daughter.

The video's title was ‘Txunamy Gets Her First Boyfriend And Instantly Regrets It ft Familia Diamond.’ Because of it, many of the channel’s subscribers and Txunamy’s fans began wondering if she finally got herself a boyfriend.

It doesn’t surprise the family channel’s longtime subscribers, as they had done multiple videos on the topic, including several pranks.

Who Is Txunamy Dating?

Though the Familia Diamond channel contains several videos suggesting Txunamy having a boyfriend, it’s revealed that she isn’t in any relationships by the end of all those videos.

However, while Txunamy has dated no one, she has had a “secret admirer” who is similarly a YouTuber.

Biggy from the Norris Nuts family has been very open about having a crush on Txunamy in the past, and several videos about it can be found on their Norris Nuts Do Stuff channel.

Back in 2019, Biggy sent a package for Txunamy that contained a box of her favorite chocolates, a card, and a pair of earrings.

Biggy pasted his picture on a card and wrote "boy" before friend to profess his love. (Source: YouTube)

He had also pasted his picture on the card, which read, “everything’s more fun with a friend….” Biggy had also written “Boy” with a black marker in front of the word friend.

Txunamy and her mother were very excited about the package and expressed their happiness at it. Her father, on the other hand, was vehemently opposed to the idea of his daughter dating.

He could also be seen coming in between his daughter and the contents of the package, insisting that the things inside were meant for him and not Txunamy.

Txunamy & Biggy

Biggy having a crush on Txunamy was known to members of both families. In fact, both the channels had made several contents with the matter at its center.

In one particular video where Biggy’s sisters pranked him about Txunamy having a boyfriend, he noted that while he would be hurt if she had a partner, he would still be happy for her.

Biggy also speculated frequently that if Txunamy had a boyfriend, it would be Addison Rae’s brother.

When asked about how much he liked Txunamy, Biggy said on a scale of one to ten, with ten being how much married couples loved each other, he liked Txunamy a solid nine or nine and a half.