Having a life partner, who is also your best friend is a blessing of a lifetime, and Youtuber Austin Evans has been fortunate enough. He is married to his best friend, Karen, since early 2019.

Know their married life and relationship in detail!

Their Relationship Became Public in 2017

Like any relationship, Evans' relationship with his now-wife started from friendship. But, both of them managed to keep their dating status a secret.

It was only on May 10, 2017; the Test Drivers podcaster spilled the beans on his relationship status. In a Q&A video, when asked if he would ever date a fan, he replied that his girlfriend might have something to say about that.

After that, he introduced his other-half in a tweet on September 3, 2017. He shared a photo of her and mentioned that they were in Las Vegas for their weekend.

Post the tweet, Evans again became secretive and didn’t give any follow-ups.

Then on January 27, 2018, he surprised everyone by revealing that he and Karen got engaged. The tech reviewer revealed the secret through an Instagram post, in which he was seen alongside his fianceé in Waikiki, Hawaii. He simply captioned the photo as, "Hey guys, this is fiancé."

Evans and Fiancee Tied the Wedding Knots in 2019

Following Austin’s subtle engagement announcement, his fans were eagerly waiting for the day when he would tie the knot. Almost 14 months later, the day finally came!

On March 3, 2019, the Youtuber shared a photo of his wedding through Twitter and revealed in the caption that he and his partner married on March 2. He also shared the picture on Instagram the same day and mentioned that he married his best friend.

After their memorable wedding ceremony, the newly-married couple went to New Zealand for their honeymoon.

Social Media Reflects Love and Humor

Since the wedding, Evans and his wife are enjoying every bit of time they spend with each other. The bliss can be witnessed through the Thisisguys’ co-host’s social media.

For instance, on March 2, 2020, he shared an adorable photo on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary. In it, he was seen kissing his wife on her cheeks while she sat on his lap. Also, in the caption, he wrote, “Is one year of marriage worth it? Yep.”

Evans doesn't only share romantic moments but some funny ones too. One such instance was on May 11, 2020, when he shared a funny tweet stating that his wife told him if they ever have a son, they will name him Sam Francisco.

Soon, his humor cost him: he posted another tweet in the same thread, mentioning that his wife saw the tweet and threatened him to actually do it.

Furthermore, on July 27, 2020, he shared another funny moment through Twitter, in which he looked sad when his wife was about to give him a haircut. After getting the haircut, he shared a smiling picture of himself and his wife behind him, and mentioned that the haircut was a success.