Barely a month after making headlines all over the place for a paternity lawsuit and later publicly apologizing to his ex-girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson is back at it again. 

After playing the Milwaukee Bucks over for his team Sacramento Kings, Thompson was spotted cozying up with a mystery woman.

A TikToker Exposed Tristan Thompson

Thompson was exposed by a TikToker who just so happened to be at the same bar he and his female companion were hanging out in. 

In the video captured by the TikToker, whose real name is Tricia Caracoza, the 30-year-old NBA star was caught with a mystery brunette on his lap. 

The athlete was chatting with the girl dressed in black, as the two of them were all smiles. 

Supporting the video she posted, Caracoza claimed she saw the baller with her own two eyes and that she had "zero respect for this trash."

She even called out his ex with the hashtag "#khloekardashian."

Tristan Thompson Snatched the TikToker's Phone

Over a separate video, Caracoza narrated the events of the evening. 

After Thompson's team played the Bucks, he hopped into the bar with the mystery female and subsequently sat across Caracoza. 

The TikToker had taken out her phone to record her best friend dancing. Until this point, she hadn't even noticed the baller sitting across her. 

However, as soon as her flashlight came on, he noticed. He snatched Caracoza's phone out of her hands. 

"I have never seen a man click X on a video so fast," she claimed, "[He was] thinking that I was recording him."

"Why was he worried that I was recording him?" she asked rhetorically and went on to answer that it was because he'd brought another girl to the club with him. 

Tristan Thompson with Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson with Khloe Kardashian (Source: Instagram)

Tristan Thompson Said 'No Videos'

Caracoza's husband caught on to what happened after seeing his wife's phone in someone else's hands. So, in a protective gesture, he snatched the phone back from Thompson. 

The athlete stood up from his seat, looked at Caracoza's husband, and politely said, "No videos, please. I'll take a picture with you if you're a fan, but no videos." 

In her video, Caracoza pointed out that Thompson was hesitant about the video because he'd just publicly apologized to Kardashian for cheating on her and having a baby on the side in the hopes of potentially getting back together. 

Tristan Thompson's Paternity Lawsuit

In December 2021, Thompson was on the receiving end of a paternity lawsuit filed by a personal trainer from Texas, Marylin Nicholas. 

In a subsequent statement, he's acknowledged having intimate relations with Nicholas on one occasion.

On the other hand, the pregnant trainer claimed that she and Thompson were getting intimate for well over five months leading up to the pro athlete's birthday. 

She claimed to have made multiple visits to California to visit Thompson in that timeframe. 

Although he initially denied the allegations, PageSix reported that the baller issued a public apology taking full responsibility for his actions. 

He also admitted that Kardashian did not deserve the heartache and humiliation his actions had caused. 

A source with the outlet claimed Kardashian had acknowledged his message in private.