Trieste Kelly Dunn is prominently known for playing U.S. Marshal Allison Knight in the NBC series Blindspot and Deputy Siobhan Kelly in the Cinemax series Banshee.

Professionally, Banshee has transformed her life in several profound ways. To spice it up, her on-screen romance and erotic scenes with Banshee co-star Antony Starr grabbed attention during the series run. 

But in real life, Dunn is one of those Hollywood stars who prefer to keep their personal lives to themselves. At times, she has given indications she is dating. However, the actress has revealed little about her personal life in the past, leading to some lesbian speculations. 

Who Is Trieste Kelly Dunn Dating?

It is unknown if Dunn is dating anyone, but the actress is not yet married. Nevertheless, she has clarified that she has had boyfriends in the past.

In August 2017, the actress made a Twitter post saying she had a hot boyfriend who played magic cards. 

Trieste Kelly Dunn

Trieste Kelly Dunn for the screening of Midsommar in 2019. (Source: Trieste Kelly Dunn/Instagram)

In another post dated December 2018, Dunn made a tweet hinting that she has a boyfriend who produced an indie movie. 

She expressed she was proud of her boyfriend, who made a movie about former US President Barack Obama. However, his identity was never revealed to the fans.

The actress also mentioned that it was one of the best movies in 2018. "I watched him work on getting @SupporttheGirls made for years. Producing an indie film is a roller coaster and thankless work but he pulls it off," Dunn explained.

Trieste Kelly Dunn's Lesbian Rumors

Dunn has been the target of some lesbian allegations because of her discretion regarding her personal life. In a 2016 tweet, a fan asked, "@TriesteKDunn you are lesbian? Talk about getting hit in ones #Blindspot." 

However, she never answered the question regarding her identity. 

In 2014, Dunn and her Banshee co-star Ivana Milicevic went out for a wild Sunday night in Las Vegas, where Mike Tyson praised them. Dunn also received a lap dance from Adrienne Zager, who later called Dunn her "woman crush." 

Talking about the evening, Dunn later said, "I was not intending on any of that! I've always thought Vegas was really stupid, but . . . I fully embraced the spirit."

Moreover, the Blindspot actress has also shown her support for the LGBTIQ+ community. 

In May 2019, Dunn replied to Axios' tweet, "The Trump administration will soon make it easier for adoption agencies to reject same-sex couples," saying, "THIS IS CRAZZZY."

The actress noted that the gay parents she knew made better parents because they had to struggle so much to become parents. She further explained that there was no such thing as "accidentally" becoming a parent, which led to many deadbeat dads in the world.