Trevor Jackson is not dating anyone at the moment. He has not revealed if he has a girlfriend or even a wife on either social media or in interviews.

The Grown-ish has been linked with many celebrities in the past. However, Jackson has never talked about being in a relationship with anyone.

He is surprisingly private about his love life. But in January 2021, he talked about how he had evolved from his younger self and his perspectives on dating and girlfriend.

Trevor Jackson's Perspective on Dating

Jackson talked about how his outlook on dating had changed in an interview with xoNecole in January 2021. Previously, he believed in love being connected deeply with physical attraction.

He said, "I used to think if I'm going to be physical with this person, that means they're going to be my wife." But instead, he believed "being physical with someone meant that you loved them."

He followed this perspective for a very long time, but as of recent, it has changed. He admitted he had grown, and his outlook had changed over the years.

Now, it is not just a physical attraction for him, but also communication and understanding skills to fall in love with someone. He said, "It's all about who the person is and what your understanding is."

Elaborating his point, he added how important communication was and "people will just not say anything because they want to make sure the other person is good."

Jackson explained he preferred the traditional method of dating. He valued meeting people in person instead of relying on texting to communicate with each other.

This is because he has to see if the person is a good responder or not. He gave the reason for it as "we've all tried to figure out what's the best response and try to put something on ourselves to be something."

Jackson revealed that if someone does not fall in love with the "realest parts" of a person, they are not meant to be.

There is no exact way to do so because everybody is different and has "too many complexities" to make us special. Therefore, for him, "The right chemical balance can be the first time we talk, and we'll be perfect."

Trevor Jackson's Perfect Girlfriend

Jackson wants a few qualities in a woman before he starts dating them. In the same interview, the Let It Shine actor talked about what he wants in his girlfriend.

The first one was not to be fake. He admitted that he had had conversations with girls, and it was like "they're being who they've seen in a movie or how you think the character should be."

The second one was to break down their walls and facade. Jackson said he did not like people who put walls since it does not show the real person.

Similarly, the third quality was to be a good person. He revealed he was keen on how his future girlfriend would treat kids and people they did not know.

The fourth one was to not be on the phone all the time, and the fifth quality was to appeal to his "funny and adventurous side." Finally, the last quality he wanted in his future girlfriend was to "know that his presence is a present."

If a woman met these qualities, Jackson confessed he was open to dating them.