Travis Fimmel has immensely expressive blue eyes that reflect the passion and internal struggle in his role of Nordic leader Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings

His glassy stare after committing some grisly act of hyper brutality, his longing, hungry gaze as he sets off on another seaborne journey.

His blonde beard and stunning blue eyes make him appear like a Viking ruler, but the actor isn't from the Scandinavian northlands.

Rather, he hails from Australia, where he grew up on his family's farm in Echuca. 

In fact, before anything else, he aspired to be a professional Australian rules footballer, which helps to explain why he had such a monstrous physique on the battlefield.

Travis Fimmel: The Blue Eyed Model

Fimmel has a Viking physique as a result of his obsession with the gym. He was pumping iron when he was picked by a talent scout, who had him fly out to California with only $60 in his pocket.

He was signed on the spot by LA MODELS and went on to secure an extraordinarily lucrative deal with Calvin Klein, worth upwards of six figures.

Travis Fimmel posing for photoshoot for Calvin Klien

Travis Fimmel posing for a photoshoot for Calvin Klien (Source: Youtube)

The Australian heartthrob first rose to fame from his role as the blue eye model in one of the brand's billboard campaigns.

The long-haired blond left nothing to the imagination, sporting only a pair of white jocks and a defined six-pack on display for everyone to see.

However, the media personality says that his own hunky-ness 'never crossed his mind' at the time.

"I never gave a s**t about what I looked like," he said in an interview with Daily Mail.

Although the billboard had only ever been shown in one campaign for the American fashion house, it was widely claimed that it was to blame for traffic jams and accidents caused by female drivers.

Travis Fimmel Eye Color Continuity Error in 'Vikings'

The King of Kattegat Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) had just been struck a deadly blow when the epic History series last aired on television.

However, Vikings fans may have discovered a huge continuity error regarding the new protagonist.

Bjorn was first introduced to Vikings fans in season one when he was played by Nathan O'Toole, an Irish child actor.

He is the son of the show's original leads, Ragnar Lothbrok (Fimmel) and Lagertha Lothbrok (Katheryn Winnick).

Tragically, both of his parents are slain during the series, leaving the young monarch to fend for himself.

Bjorn solidifies the family resemblance with piercing blue eyes like his fictional father. However, his eye color was brown when he was a child and then turned blue when he grew to be an adult.

A similar error is repeated with Fimmel's character. The colorization is definitely done in post-production.

His eyes range in color from dark blue to very light blue, then aren't blue at all, and occasionally are only half-colored.

However, some fans say that this inconsistency with his eye color is done on purpose. "His eyes burn bright blue when he fights.. I do think it's on purpose," reads a Reddit comment on a thread about the topic.