Tracee Ellis Ross hosted the 42nd American Music Awards on November 19, 2017. The event was filled with many memorable moments that made waves on the internet.

The 2017 AMAs also had a very unlikely incident that attracted much attention: Ross's eye twitch.

During her opening monologue, as well as throughout the entire award show, Ross's left eye kept on twitching.

Her eye movements did not escape the eyes of the viewers and many took to Twitter to talk about it.

"Tracee Ellis Ross' eye twitch needs to stop and she's been on for not even a minute," wrote one user.

Another wrote, "Tracee Ellis Ross is gorgeous. Her eye twitch low key special."

This wasn't the first time people had talked about Ross's eyes twitch as it had been a subject of discussion on the internet for quite some time.

However, after the award show, the number of people discussing it skyrocketed.

Tracee Ellis Ross's eye twitched during the 42nd AMAs

Ross's eye twitched during the 42nd AMAs. (Source: YouTube)

And many people had negative things to say about it. A good portion of the discussions also revolved around making fun of her eye twitch.

Tracee Ellis Ross's Reply to People Making Fun of Her Eye Twitch 

Ross later hopped on to Instagram to confront the discussions. She joked about her eye's unusual action in a short video.

"My left eye has literally–my left eye is at home and in bed. It's like, 'Bye! I'm done working.' My left eye is done. Look, it's gonna twitch," she said while closing her left eye halfway.

Ross then noted she knew people were making fun of her eyes. She added that it wasn't her fault, as she couldn't control it.

"I know y'all make fun of my eyes, you know what I mean? Well, **** off, 'cause it's not my fault, alright?" she shared.

"My body does what it does, I don't know why. But sometimes when I'm tired, this one just gives up, and it's like, 'Goodnight! I don't–you explain it to me!'"

Ross ended the video saying, "Go ahead, make fun of my eyes, Ok? But I think they're nice… I do."

Both Tracee and Her Mother Have Hosted AMAs

When Ross hosted the 2017 AMAs, she and her mother, Diana Ross, became the first mother-daughter pair to have hosted the ceremony.

Diana had a very successful career as a musician and hosted the 13th AMAs on January 27, 1986

Almost three decades later, her daughter hosted the AMAs.

2017 also was the year when Diana was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Awards.

To honor her mother, Ross wore the same black blouse Diana had worn back in 1981 during her joint performance with Michael Jackson.

"Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, twinsie outfits from one of my mother's specials. This was the actual original shirt which I found in the garage," she said of her outfit when she walked onto the stage.