Toosii is about to become a father!

The New York native announced the imminent birth of his first child with his girlfriend, Samaria J. Davis. The couple took to their respective social media accounts to announce the baby.

The revelation made it clear they did not rush the announcement and kept the good news a secret for as long as they felt comfortable doing so.

Toosii’s Girlfriend Pregnant with Their First Baby

On April 16, 2022, Toosii took to both Instagram and Twitter to announce the news of his child's imminent arrival. The caption he used showed how much it meant to him.

"This the best thing that ever happened to me," Toosii wrote on his Instagram and Twitter posts, following the caption up with a black heart emoji. The New York native rapper also posted the same picture on both platforms.

In the picture, the couple posed for the camera. He was standing behind his girlfriend, Davis, hugging her with his hands on her baby bump. She had her right hand over his and the left hand on her waist.

The couple looked amazing in the black outfits they chose for the photoshoot. She also donned a butterfly pendant for the occasion.

Toosii and his girlfriend, Samaria Davis, show off their baby bump after announcing they are pregnant with their first kid.

Toosii and his girlfriend, Samaria Davis, show off their baby bump after announcing they are pregnant with their first kid. (Photo: Toosii/Twitter)

The size of her baby bump made it obvious that the couple had been hiding the news for quite some time. Samaria confirmed that in her post on Instagram.

"Some things in life are so special that you keep it private," she wrote. "Been growing in peace."

She posted a few solo pictures from the same photoshoot, in which she was looking radiant, showing off her baby bump.

The comment sections of both their posts are filled with congratulatory messages. Most of them also seem to be pleasantly surprised by the announcement, as Samaria kept everyone in the dark about her pregnancy.

The model had been posting old pictures on her IG, making it seem like everything was normal, even if a few had their guesses about her pregnancy. With these announcements, the couple has put all speculations to bed.

How Many Kids Does Toosii Have?

For Toosii and his girlfriend, this is their first child. But the rapper was aware of the questions on the internet about how many kids he had.

On April 17, he responded to a headline that asked the same. "uh this my first lol," he wrote on his retweet of Today Headline's tweet.

Samaria, too, has revealed a few details about her about-to-be-born baby. The model tweeted out her baby's zodiac sign on April 17.

"y’all my baby is going to be a.... gemini..," she wrote. This implies that the child's due date falls somewhere from May 21 to June 20.

Toosii, whose real name is Nau’Jour Lazier Grainger, and Samaria, an entrepreneur, have been dating for over two years now. They are no strangers to professing love for one another on the internet.

Both of them have talked about how their relationship is. Toosii once even said he would stop making music if it became an obstacle in his relationship.

The couple is first best friends and lovers only after. "my boyfriend is my best friend. we had to be best friends before we started dating," she wrote in a tweet on March 23, 2022.

With the due date not that far away, we might see a lot of cute posts from the parents-to-be regarding their preparations to welcome their first child.