Fitness icon Tony Little is an American television fitness personality and businessman who built a fitness empire.

As a certified personal trainer, Little began developing exercise programs to help get America back in shape. 

The trainer discussed motivational exercise techniques and gave sound advice, which helped him succeed. 

His fitness videos have won 14 Platinum Awards, nine gold video awards, and over 47 million customers.

Little used this to catapult his career to new heights.

Little made fitness infomercial products sold by retailers worldwide, including HSN and QVC, and generated more than $3 billion in sales. 

Eventually known as the “King of Infomercials,” the trainer won the hearts of his audience with his over-the-top, hyper-enthusiastic personality and long blond ponytail. 

But while everyone knew who Tony Little was and his success story, not many know about his personal life. 

Here is a breakdown of everything we know. 

Is Tony Little Married?

While Little was running his home shopping channel, he met his former wife, Melissa Hall, on the set of a home shopping network. 

They tied the knot in 2009 after Hall proposed and eventually started a family. 

According to an article written on Little’s website in 2010, Little’s two kids, Tara and Trent, from his first marriage were about to finish college. 

Little and his wife were also parents to twins, Chase and Cody, born three months premature. 

This led to health complications, and the parents had to spend an extra three months at the hospital because of their babies’ surgeries. 

In a Today interview, after the boy had turned a year old, the parents opened up about their struggles and how they got by. 

Even after the boys were brought home from the hospital, they were not out of difficulties. 

Little revealed that one of the hardest parts was when Chase would remove his breathing tube from his nose and his wife had to pin him down so that he could insert it. 

Unfortunately, their situation worsened when Hall suffered from postpartum depression and Little had to take care of his kids and wife. 

Little revealed that his wife had become a different person and noted that he had faced nothing more difficult in his life. 

Tony Little and His New Wife

Little and Hall are no longer together, and it is unconfirmed when the duo went their separate ways. 

Tony Little and his wife

Tony Little and his wife (Source: Tony Little/Instagram)

The reasons for the separation have not been revealed either, but in 2014, Little appeared on City News and talked about his marriage. 

Little did not explicitly take any names, but he admitted being abused in marriage. 

“Beat up by someone much smaller than me. I got electrocuted twice,” said Little. 

A hitman also propositioned the fitness trainer. 

But Little, who has bounced back from far worse, seems to have already moved on from everything. 

On March 9, during Women’s Day, the fitness guru uploaded a photo of his new wife, Michelle LoPresti, and wished her on the special occasion. 

He did not tag her or reveal anything about his marriage and relationship with his new partner.