Tom Segura is married to wife Christina Pazsitzky who is a comedian just like him. Together, the two have two sons and Segura says his older son already has much personality.

Growing up with two comics for parents, the kids have learned to draw out laughs from others. Segura has shared several funny incidents involving his sons over the years. And in a recent episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave, he recounted the story of how his son tried to make Bert Kreischer drink toilet water.

Segura’s son handed Kreischer a glass of water and started laughing, “Hey Bert, I got you a glass of water.” Kreischer asked Segura’s son where he got the water and got the answer that it was from the sink.

Suspicious towards the way the kid was acting, Kreischer told Segura’s son to take a sip first. After the kid refused, Segura asked his son if he could promise if the water was really from the sink.

I go ‘you promise me?’ And he looks at me dead serious and says ‘I’m dead serious’. And I actually go ‘I believe him’... And when he said he wouldn’t drink it was when I was like, ‘Hold on’. So I go over to the bathroom and I open the bathroom and turn the light on. And I see a water trail to the toilet… I look over to the sink, it’s totally dry.

Bert described Segura’s older son as somewhat of a prankster and shared another incident when he made a candy sandwich. However, Segura’s older son isn’t the only one who has shown such behavior, and the comic has shared stories about his younger son too.


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During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the two veteran podcasters talked about their children. There, Segura shared a story of his younger son lying to him.

My 3 year old, he’s like, last week he goes, ‘There’s no school today.’ And I am like ‘really’? And he goes yeah, the teacher says no school. And I go, ‘The teacher said no school?” It’s like ******* wednesday. Should I call your teacher? He goes, ‘Don’t do that.’ He’s already lying about going to school. He’s 3!

Segura further added that his younger kid had learned to say such things since he was two. “You know, he’s been saying that since he’s two. If he’s eating ice cream and you go, ‘Can I have a bite of that?’ He’ll go, ‘It’s sour.’ He learned that sour is undesirable. And then if he has a toy he’s playing with and you go, ‘Can I play with that?’ He’ll go, ‘It’s broken.’”

Aside from sharing such stories about his kids, Segura has also talked about incidents involving his parents. He had previously shared how his father had broken the news of his skin infection with a picture of the region between his scrotum and rectum.