Loki star Tom Hiddleston finally has some activity on Twitter, but it has only led to confusion among his fans.

On Wednesday, February 17, 2022, the actor allegedly broke his Twitter silence by liking a tweet that mentioned his ex-girlfriend, singer Taylor Swift, and Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

Hiddleston, otherwise, was not active on Twitter for a long time. His last Twitter activity came way back in June 2020.

The Tweet in Question

“jo light light mein the she didn’t write songs unpe jaise tom hiddleston aur calvin haris [sic],” the tweet, which was written in romanized Hindi, read.

Upon translating, the viral tweet loosely means, “She doesn’t write songs about people she wasn’t in a serious relationship with like Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris.”

Tom Hiddleston liked a tweet about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

Tom Hiddleston liked a tweet about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. (Photo: Twitter)

The tweet was made by an Indian Twitter user, allegedly a girl, who goes by the name ‘(redacted)’ and username ‘@pseudonaam_’ on the platform.

The actor was quick to unlike the tweet, due to which the activity could not be seen in his handle now.

Fans React to the Activity

As soon as Hiddleston liked the tweet, Twitterati began talking about his activity, with most of them claiming that the tweet held no truth.

They said so because they believed Swift and Hiddleston were very serious about each other when they were together.

“Taylor wrote Getaway Car cuz he’s a sweetheart and he means something to her at some point before everything went south,” a fan even tweeted, claiming the famed singer’s song ‘Getaway Car’ hinted at her relationship with her exes, Hiddleston and Harris.

A few others, who also shared the screenshot image of Hiddleston’s Twitter activity, however, made fun of the actor for not realizing that the hit song was about him.

“Not Tom Hiddleston liking a random tweet about Taylor Swift. Who’s gonna tell him Getaway Car is actually about him LMAO,” one wrote.

Another tried to decode the situation, saying, “@twhiddleston always had a great sense of humour. He probably thought the tweet was funny and liked it on a reflex, saw the attention it got so unliked it. He MUST know get away car is about him.”

“Who’s gonna tell him about Champagne Problems,” someone later mentioned another one of Swift’s songs, which some think is also about the actor.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s Relationship

Back in 2016, Hiddleston and Swift had a brief but allegedly serious relationship for three months. 

The two began dating after meeting in May 2016. At the time, she was still dating Harris.

But things changed quickly, as she ended her year-long relationship with the fellow musician two months later and started dating the Thor actor.


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

While the two were dating, the Marvel star even went on to gush about the pop singer to MTV UK days after the 2016 Met Gala. He said, “She is amazing.”

In their three montha of dating, the pair were also spotted multiple times in public — going out on vacations and sharing PDA-packed moments.

But despite all that, their relationship didn’t last forever.

In September 2016, various sources confirmed that the pair had called it quits because Swift felt overwhelmed by the public’s perception of their relationship.