Tom Bergeron has got his revenge!

The former Dancing With The Stars host got his final say after the show's Executive Producer Andrew Llinares parted ways with the show in March 2022.

Bergeron voiced his reaction about the firing on Twitter, sending a subtle dig Llinares's way after the news became public.

Tom Bergeron Reacts to Andrew Llinares's Firing from 'Dancing With The Stars'

On March 17, 2022, news broke that Llinares and Dancing With The Stars were parting ways after four seasons. The executive producer oversaw some major changes on the franchise.

Among those changes were the controversial replacements of Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

Llinares replaced Bergeron with Tyra Banks as the show's host in July 2020. At the time of his firing, Bergeron, a fan favorite, had been the host of the franchise since 2014.

With Bergeron left Andrews and it left the show with a completely different look.

Many have been critical of Banks's hosting because of her awkward banter.

So, when Llinares's firing news came, everyone wanted to know Bergeron's reaction to it. And he had a fitting response.

In reply to someone's "Your thoughts?" question on Twitter, he replied, "Karma's a b*itch," followed by a winky face emoji.

On a different topic, he was also asked his reaction to Tinashe's elimination from the show. To this one, he was a bit more diplomatic. He just replied with a shrug emoji.

Fans React to the Firing and Tom Bergeron's Thoughts

Almost everyone on Twitter was on a similar page to Bergeron about the firing. They were mostly glad.

Many users even said they had stopped watching the show since Bergeron had been let go. They also blamed Llinares for letting Bergeron and Andrews go.

Tom Bergeron, the former host of Dancing With The Stars, reacts to firing of EP Andrew Llinares in the best way possible.

Tom Bergeron, the former host of Dancing With The Stars, reacts to the firing of EP Andrew Llinares in the best way possible. (Photo: Twitter)

"I stopped watching when they had Sean Spicer on. Losing Tom only solidified my reason not to ever watch again," one fan said.

"Yes, Karma responds equally," chimed in another, saying the show was vibrant enough with Bergeron and Andrews there.

Another was critical of the changes made on the show in the last two years and was glad Llinares was gone.

"I don't know who that person is, but if he's responsible for the changes of the last two years, I won't miss him," said one user. They saw no reason for DWTS to go in a new direction and Bergeron's firing had become the last straw for them.

"There is no reason for DWTS to be a copy of all the schlock which TV has become. The fact that it was more civilized is why we watched--until Tom was forced out," they added.

Llinares's time as EP saw some highs and lows. It was under his supervision that the show produced one of the most memorable finales in season 30 between JoJo Siwa and Iman Shumpert.

He also oversaw the show's running during the pandemic with no live audience.

However, the ratings had been going down in the last few years, and the show was also yet to be renewed for season 31 when Llinares was fired.