TJ Jackson has four kids together with his wife, Frances Casey. He is also stepfather to two of her children and the guardian to three of Michael Jackson’s kids.

Jackson has spoken about parenting being the most beautiful thing in life. He called having a family the greatest success and has put family before everything else, even his career.

In fact, the singer put his successful music career on hold to raise his nine children properly.

“I think that age is huge. You know, from four to 16 is a very important age. So I wanted to be there as a father and in my cousin’s [Michael Jackson’s kids] case, as a parental figure,” he shared during an appearance on WGN News.

“Especially after what they went through, losing their father. Because my uncle Michael was their world. He was the father, mother, best friend, all rolled into one.”

TJ Jackson with wife Frances Casey and family

TJ Jackson with wife Frances Casey and family (Source: Instagram)

TJ Jackson and His Cousins

Jackson has been an amazing parental figure to all of his children, including his cousins. He stepped in to be the co-guardian of Michael Jackson’s kids in 2012. He took over full guardianship in 2019.

His cousin, Paris Jackson, who is also Michael Jackson’s daughter, has expressed her gratitude and love for him on multiple occasions.

In June 2020, on Father’s Day, she uploaded several pictures of herself and Jackson hanging out around the Louvre Museum in Paris.

TJ Jackson with Paris Jackson in Paris

TJ Jackson with Paris Jackson in Paris (Source: Instagram)

“Happy father’s day papa t,” she wrote in the caption. “I love you with all of my heart and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for all you’ve done. I owe you my life.”

TJ Jackson and Wife Frances Casey

Jackson wouldn’t have been able to raise his nine children by himself if he didn’t have his wife by his side.

Jackson and Casey have been married since 2007, and they have worked together to fulfill their roles of being parents/guardians.

The two first met when he was 20. Jackson had lost his mother four years prior, and he had wanted to start a family of his own ever since.

Jackson and Casey decided to have a baby just three months after getting together.

He was advised against his decision by many, but he knew he was doing what was right for him.

“Frances was already a mother of two and most didn’t see being a 23-year-old divorced mom as a positive,” he told ElaineSir.

“But I saw that she was a great mother. I believe a [single] woman with kids shouldn’t be looked down upon; instead, motherhood should be perceived positively. People worried that I was moving too quickly, but I knew I made the right decision.”

Jackson and his wife welcomed their first child together, son Royal, on October 23, 1999. They have since welcomed three more children — Dee Dee (born March 20, 2008), Jo Jo (born November 30, 2010), and Rio (born March 10, 2015).

The pair also frequently share about their family on their YouTube channel, The Family Rules