As the son of the king of pop, Prince Michael Jackson had all the royalties in his life. The royalty seemed to be spilled in his dating life too. But the dating did not last long as he was romantically linked with a commoner girlfriend.

The 21-year-old is better known to the world through his father, Michael Jackson. However, it is not the only label to describe the youngster as he is intent to create his legacy, and is involved actively in philanthropic works. 

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Furthermore, Prince's debut in the television series 90210 was in March 2013.

Prince Was Conceived Through Artificial Insemination!

Born on 13 February 1997,  as Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., he was affectionately called Prince by the Jackson family. The star's mother was nurse Debbie Rowe, a former wife of Michael Jackson.

Prince was conceived through artificial insemination, with his biological father's identity hidden and has two younger sisters Paris, born to his mother Debbie and Blanket through surrogacy. He was raised up by Michael Jackson's mother and other family members after the King of Pop's divorce with Debbie in 1999. 

The oldest son of Michael Jackson went to the Buckley School and graduated in 2015. After his high school, he chose to attend Loyola Marymount College in Los Angeles. 

Being the son of the greatest pop singer of all time puts a burden over your shoulder, and that has been the case with Prince's life too. However, the star son admits that he is not even 1% of what his father was but has taken an alternate path to make his father proud. 

Hidden Father's Information Invites Rumors!

Henceforth the birth of Michael Jackson's children, Prince and Paris, countless rumors have surfaced out, claiming that they were never Michael Jackson's biological children.

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The rumors got more life when their mother, Debbie Rowe refused to address how the children were conceived openly.

While many websites and tabloids claimed the former English actor, Mark Lester to be their biological father, other sources stood opposite claiming that Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein was the one who took care of their parenthood.

Although the rumors keep getting buzzes all around, it never really troubled Prince and Paris. 

And as expected, Prince Jackson took to Twitter on 6 October 2015  to speak against an internet troll, which suggested that he should stop trying to make fake claims of being a Jackson. Prince replied:

"The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" I was raised by my dad with my brother and sister.

However, the official information is still under covers.

Following Father's Lead; Net Worth Details!

Prince Michael, the legitimate heir to Michael Jackson's fortune, has chosen to give away some of his riches to make the world a better place.

Michael Jackson, despite being dead in 2009, continues to outearn living celebrities.

Prince Michael's father still boasts a whopping net worth of $500 million and Prince Michael has a net worth of $100 million. The star kid is as humble a person as it comes. Despite having a net worth which could last up to a lifetime, Prince is intent on continuing his father's goal of helping people.

Prince is associated with an LA-based charity organization, Heal LA which is intent on providing homeless people with food and shelter. What's more, the star's Instagram wall is littered with posts urging others to contribute to help the people in need. He regularly visits various fundraising events, for various charities. 

Apart from his love to help people, Prince is a big motorbike fanatic and is regularly seen in videos riding custom-made Harleys. His love for bikes has not diluted even after suffering a serious accident in November 2017.

However, Harleys are not the only love on show in the famous star's Instagram. 

His Dating History

Michael, in 2013, was supposed to be dating Kuwaiti princess Remi Alfalah. The two were spotted leaving from the movie theatre at one time.

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And in another instance, the power couple was spotted in a romantic dinner date. However, the couple's romance could not last long. After his taste of dating a royal went sour, he is now together with a commoner.

Wonderful Time With Commoner Girlfriend, One Year Together

On 14 March 2018, Prince Instagrammed a picture with a mysterious girl and described having a wonderful time with the girl.

He added in the post that the last one year with her had been a pleasure. The couple seemed to have the blessings of Michael's family as his sister Paris commented 'Warms my heart to see how much joy you two bring each other. Happy anniversary love Y'all.'

Love Is In The Air: Prince Jackson celebrates one year anniversary with his girlfriend (Photo: Prince Michael Jackson's Instagram) 

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Despite opening up about the relationship, he has kept the identity of his girlfriend, who he met during his college at Loyola Mormont, hidden.

Michael after opening up about his girlfriend to the public has not shied away from showing her to the world and has posted numerous snaps with the gorgeous blonde in is Instagram. 

It seems like Prince has found his perfect princess! 

And it had been a while that the star hadn't posted pictures with his soulmate. But on October 2018 he let his fans take a glimpse on his love life with his girlfriend. Along with the post, he also let us know the reason behind not posting cute pictures regularly. Well, as most of the girls these days do, his girlfriend needs to approve the pictures before posting.

We hope his girlfriend approves all the pictures time and again so that we get to enjoy the couple's time together.