Tameka Harris, better known as Tiny Harris, is a singer-songwriter who rose to prominence as a member of Xscape. She started dating rapper T.I. Cottle, and the pair got married on July 30, 2010. 

In the last two decades, the pair has been blessed with two sons, King and Major Philant, and a daughter, Heiress Diana. Before Cottle, Harris was in a relationship with Zonnie Pullins. 

She shares a daughter named Zonnique Pullins with him. Zonnique has a special bond with her mother and has followed in her mother's footsteps in many ways. 

For example, she also underwent eye surgery to change the color of her eyes, as her mother did. 

Tiny Harris' Eye Surgery 

Harris permanently changed the colors of her eyes in 2014. She shared the news via Instagram, where she posted a picture of herself flaunting her new ice-gray irises. 

In the captions, the singer penned that she changed her eyes color with BrightOcular and thanked her doctors for making her "dream come true." She got it because she hated wearing contacts for color since it made her vision blurry. 

She admitted that there were risks associated with eye surgeries, but there had been no risks from the procedure she had done. She shared her story with People after getting the procedure.

Harris had heard about changing one's eye color permanently via surgery, through her friend around 2012. They researched about it, but the singer was nervous about doing it.

Two years later, the topic came up again, and Harris talked to people who had the eye surgery done. She also consulted doctors and found out it simply took 15 minutes to finish the procedure, which was "simple, painless and completely safe."


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Moreover, the surgery was reversible, which was the selling point for the singer. The implant used would cover the natural eye color and hence give a new one. For Harris, she covered her brown irises to ice-gray.

The singer explained her procedures to ABC News. The surgery started by going into the eye and making a tiny slot to slide the implants in. Next, the implants were folded before sliding them inside the eye and spreading it over. 

Harris only got a slight headache after the procedure, but there were no other side effects. However, it cost her around $10,000 for the whole process.

When asked about what Cottle thought about it, Harris said he was concerned. But when she told him about all the research she had done, the rapper was okay with her getting the surgery. 

Zonnique Pullins' Eye Surgery

Pullins also got the same eye surgery as her mother, but she regretted her decision. This was because a doctor told her she could possibly go blind because of the implants. 


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She changed the color of her eyes to greyish/blue from dark brown but later realized it was not the best "in the long term." She revealed this while replying to a comment from her fan on Instagram.

The fan asked if the color change was worth it since they thought of having the procedure done in Kenya. Pullins replied to the comment, saying she had her eye surgery in Tunisia and would not recommend it. 

She said that "the experience wasn't the best in the long term but everyone is different." She also talked about getting her surgery reversed in an episode of T.I. & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle.