Tim Burton is a critically acclaimed director whose style is so unique that it has been named after him. 

Known as Burton-esque, his movies are usually moody and reflect his lifelong love of the macabre and interest in stop-motion animation. 

Only Burton can transform a seemingly serene fairytale into a grisly horror, and along with his style comes a unique and colorful character. 

He has introduced viewers to some of cinema's most iconic male and female characters. 

But in this article, we will be breaking down some of the most iconic female characters Burton created. 

Emily — ‘Corpse Bride’

The 2005 film had plenty of villains audiences loved to hate and charming female characters to love even though some were dead. 

Emily, the titular character in the stop motion animation film, stars as the reanimated corpse voiced by Helena Bonham Carter. 

In her lifetime, she was a wealthy lady who was tragically killed by her greedy husband. 

Not one to give up her dream of becoming a bride, she continued her pursuit of happiness by pushing young Victor Van Dort into marrying her and joining her in the land of the dead.

The self-proclaimed bride of the young Victor captured the viewers’ hearts with her wit, humor, and bravery and is easily one of the beloved characters. 

Sally — ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

The Nightmare Before Christmas was released several decades ago, but it still has a strong fan following to this day. 

The movie stars Jack Skellington, the lovable ghost who is bored with the monotony in his life and tries to create something new and fun.

Unfortunately, he often ends up causing chaos and has to be talked out of it by Sally, the humanoid ragdoll created by Dr. Finkelstein. 

Soft-spoken and kind-hearted, the ragdoll often escapes the confines of a Finkelstein’s laboratory to explore the outside world.

Sally tries her best to stop Skellington, and it takes till the end of the story for Skellington to realize she is right. 

One of the popular female characters, Sally

One of the popular female characters Sally from The Night Before Christmas. (Source: Spoil and Chill/Twitter)

The quiet gentleness and righteousness of Sally is the reason that makes her one of the most popular female characters created by Burton. 

Lydia Deetz — ‘Beetlejuice’

Just minutes into Beetlejuice, Barbara, and Adam Maitland tragically pass away, and the aristocratic Deetz family purchases their picturesque home. 

Charles and Della Deetz are the snobbish couple that makes up the Deetz family.

But their daughter, Lydia Deetz, portrayed by Winona Ryder, is the opposite of her eccentric parents.

With a spooky appearance, Lydia has a fascination for life after death and discovers the ghosts of Barbara and Adam. 

The ghosts are struggling to haunt the Deetz family to scare them off the premises. 

But Lydia ends up forming a close bond with the ghosts, and for the rest of the story, it’s best if you watch the movie. 

Lydia’s ability to sympathize with life beyond death easily makes her one of Burton’s more memorable female characters.