Theo Rossi and his wife, Meghan McDermott, aren't a shy couple. They have their boundaries about sharing stuff about their family life on the internet, but their Instagram is full of family pictures.

Rossi and McDermott share the special and the painful moments, and everything in-between. But the one thing they didn't have the urge to share immediately after it happened was their wedding.

People had a pretty accurate guess of when they got married, but nobody knew the exact date of their marriage. It wasn't until years later that they finally revealed it, at least on social media.

Theo Rossi’s Life with Wife and Kids, and Their Wedding

It's unclear when Rossi and McDermott first met and started dating, but the couple took the next step in their romantic life and got married in November 2014. They chose New York to get married.

The pair didn't, however, post anything about their, as Us Magazine noted in April 2015, "small intimate wedding" on Instagram. In hindsight, though, they revealed everything but their wedding.


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On November 4, 2014, McDermott posted a picture of the two with their three dogs standing in front of a private jet at Van Nuys Airport, California. "New York, we're coming home," she wrote in the picture.

Over the next few days, she posted about what she did in New York, and a day after their wedding — November 17, 2014 — she just posted a night-time picture of the skyscrapers in New York. There was no post on November 17, though.

Only in 2018 did the couple reveal that November 17 was their wedding day. On that day in 2018, they both posted anniversary posts on their accounts. At this point, they were parents to two kids.


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Their first kid, son Kane Alexander Rossi, was born on June 8, 2015. There were some medical issues McDermott and Kane had to go through before his birth, something she only talked about on his 7th birthday in 2022.

Kane had "two-vessel cord or a single umbilical artery," McDermott revealed in her post on June 7, 2022, a day she termed "induction day." She also revealed this condition only occurred in one percent of the pregnancies.

What this meant was that Kane was only getting 50 percent oxygen and his vitals and organs had to be constantly monitored. Fortunately, Kane was born healthy and with no complications.

The Sons of Anarchy actor and his wife welcomed their second son, Arlo Benjamin Rossi, on August 3, 2017. It was a regular birth for Arlo.

Theo Rossi and his wife, Meghan McDermott, with their two children.

Theo Rossi and his wife, Meghan McDermott, with their two children. (Photo: Meghan McDermott/Instagram)

As mentioned above, the couple pick and choose what they reveal on social media. So far, they have not revealed their children's faces. The family now lives in Austin, Texas, her home state.

Who Is Theo Rossi’s Wife?

While Rossi's primary occupation is acting, he is also involved in other entrepreneurial and humanitarian works. His wife helps him in a few of those.

According to McDermott's Instagram bio, she is involved in a few of her husband's endeavors. The first would be his bottled water company, Ounce Water.


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Rossi and McDermott launched the company in April 2016 in New York. She is the co-founder and CEO of the company.

McDermott is also one of the founders of Go Get It LIFE, a positive motivation community. She writes blogs and motivational posts for the community website, encapsulating her personal and family stories into her writing hoping readers will find her words helpful.

Her bio on the site also mentions that she is an award-winning TV news anchor, reporter, and producer. She worked at KPRC-TV during her high school days and later pursued journalism at the University of Houston. After college, she worked at KTEN-TV and CBS 19.