Atlanta entertainers and identical twins duo, The Wicker Twinz, Yoni & Solai Wicker, might be young, but their achievements are by no means minor. 

The duo was only three years old when they landed their first modeling gig. It was for their father’s magazine. From there, they continued modeling and did poetry at churches, but they only started gaining traction once they began making dance videos on Dubsmash. 

However, they got their break on Instagram when they uploaded their dance videos and photos at the age of 12. The twins currently have 1.9 million followers on the platform, and their YouTube channel has 687,000 subscribers. 

As their followers started growing, the girls began earning, and now at 16, the girls have bought their first home. 

The Wicker Twinz Buy Their First Home

On October 20, the twins uploaded an empty house tour video on YouTube. 

The girls started the video by explaining how significant the moment was for them. They explained that while their family did not struggle to get by, they did not have an ideal living situation and shared that they lived with their grandmother in a two-bedroom apartment. 

And since their parents were separated, they lived with their mother because their father lived far away. The house did not have enough space, and so their grandmother would sleep on the couch. The girls used to share a queen-sized bed while their mom slept on the floor beside them.

It wasn’t until their brother moved to live with their dad that they had their own rooms. 

The girls also shared that they did not invite anyone to their house, and only one of their close friends knew about their living situation. Even when the girls had their own rooms, they were afraid to invite people over because they felt they would be judged. 

The twins also thanked their mother and grandmother for providing for them and ensuring they had a home. 

They explained that they did not know they were getting a house until their mother took them to the new place and surprised them. They noted that even though it was their first time owning a home, they still lived with their mother. 

The Wicker Twinz House Tour

About halfway through the video, the girls finally kicked off the empty house tour, but not before thanking their fans for making it possible. 

The girls took viewers around the living room and dining space, although they had not decided how they were going to use the rooms. They then went into the kitchen, and unlike the other rooms, the kitchen was already furnished. 

The girls explained that the kitchen was their favorite spot because they liked to cook and that they would probably be spending time in that room the most. 

After that, they took viewers upstairs to show everyone’s bedrooms and their filming room. 

With that, they concluded the tour and once again thanked their subscribers.