Gary Janetti took to Instagram to announce his new book, Start Without Me (I'll Be There in a Minute), on August 5, 2021. 

The Prince creator and voice actor uploaded the first look of the cover, which captured a man's feet in formal brown leather shoes and mismatched socks. 

A plain white wall was the backdrop of the picture as the title stood boldly in the center in lowercase.

The New York native dropped the book's release date in the picture's caption — April 26, 2022. Then, he disclosed he wrote the book during the pandemic when COVID-19 forced everyone to stay cooped up in the house. 


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Without a doubt, Janetti kept himself occupied during the lockdown. He wrote a new book and made a satirical series, The Prince, based on his Instagram posts, where he parodied the British Royal Family from the perception of eight-year-old Prince George. 

His comedic take didn't impress many, but it, undoubtedly, attracted attention from all corners of the world. 

About Gary Janetti's New Book 

Shortly before Janetti announced the big news, Entertainment Weekly released its cover's fresh look and interviewed the author regarding its content. 

By Janetti's account, the essay collection was an amalgam of all the things he learned and didn't learn and all issues that bothered him.

It was about what annoyed him, like being forced to go to the gym, bad hotels, or class. It also encapsulated the feeling of displeasure he got after missing his favorite TV shows. 


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All in all, the book would, without question, bring forward Janetti's natural satirical persona, just as sharp and hilarious as his Instagram jokes. But other than the usual humor, the element that would add weight to the book would be the scriptwriter's attempt to reach people.

The narration is set to influence people who don't "quite fit in with the ways of the world."

Janetti's new book is a follow-up to his previous book, Do You Mind If I Cancel(Things That Still Annoy Me.)

His Previous Book Received Positive Reviews

On October 22, 2019, the 55-year-old kick-started his career as an author, publishing his first book, Do You Mind If I Cancel

He based the book on his own life experiences from childhood and young adulthood, chronicling the indignities of everyday life that still annoyed him. 


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For that reason, the producer narrated the story from the perspective of young Janetti, who dreamt of starring on soap operas while working at a hotel. He gave the protagonist dreams that clarified an ordinary man's fantasies and the irony surrounding them. 

Deservingly, the book received positive reviews from readers. So much so, the New York Times lauded the creation as the greatest comedy of the generation. 

It even got a five out of five stars rating on the official site of a bookselling company, Barnes & Noble

Given the positive review for his first book, it's safe to say that the upcoming essay collection would make a great read.