The Kid LAROI has added another tattoo to his body art collection. And while we can assume that all of those are special to him, the latest one is no less special.

After all, he got his latest ink from the king of tattoos himself — Post Malone.

Post Malone Gave The Kid LAROI His Latest Tattoo

On March 12, 2022, Kid LAROI posted a video on his TikTok showing off his tattoo and the famous artist.

The clip, accompanied by a song by Colter Wall in the background, first showed a hand wiping ink off his new ink on his lower left thigh. Then, the camera panned to reveal Malone to be the artist.

He was seen making a face to the camera. Malone was shirtless, and all his body art was out in the open in all their glory.

Kid LAROI's caption for the post hinted at what the ink was about. "Cowboy with clogs boiiiii!" he wrote, with a cowboy emoji at the end.

The body art was exactly that — a cowboy wearing clogs.

Fans React to The Kid LAROI Video

While the new body art became newsworthy in itself, it probably did not get as much attention as Malone. And this is evident when we go through the comment section of the clip.

There are a fair few reactions to his tattoos — overwhelmingly positive reactions. But the talk of the town was Malone. Specifically, him being shirtless.

Many people were playfully joking about Malone's appearance — his pectoral muscles, to be exact.

Some even defended Malone from the jokes, saying, "This comment section did not pass the vibe check. He looks so good! He's healthy."

"Y'all aren't funny making fun of completely normal anatomy. He looks great," another chimed in.

A few were showing interest in getting tatted by the rapper, asking how they could secure an appointment with the artist.

About The Kid LAROI's Tattoos

Kid LAROI has a few tattoos on his body. He got his first tattoo in November 2021.

With his first ink — a small face tattoo on his upper left arm — he paid tribute to his late friend Saik.

He then got his second one in January 2022. A fan page of the rapper posted a video of him getting ink done right above his left hand's index finger.

The Kid LAROI gets his fourth tattoo, right before his fifth one with Post Malone, in February 2022.

The Kid LAROI gets his fourth tattoo, right before his fifth one with Post Malone, in February 2022. (Photo: Instagram)

For his third one, he finally ditched his left-side body. His third one was on his upper right arm.

His fourth ink came right before the one Malone did in February 2022. It was on his right thigh, around the same location Malone drew his fifth one.

Kid LAROI seems to be on a tattoo spree lately. Who knows what other famous personality he taps into for his sixth one, if he does.