Jules 'The Dub King' Eusebio's death sent the TikTok community into shock. The TikToker was inactive on Instagram for the past few weeks and had his followers worried about him.

His death was sudden, and initially, there was no information on how he died. Now, however, a person close to the TikToker has revealed his cause of death to be a health complication.

Jules 'The Dub King' Eusebio Reportedly Died of Typhoid

Eusebio was first reported dead on May 15, 2022. Many fans flooded his social media, mainly his Instagram and TikTok, to express their condolences.

Jules Eusebio, also known as The Dub King, has died at age 43 due to Typhoid.

Jules Eusebio, also known as The Dub King, passed away at age 43 because of Typhoid. (Photo: Jules Eusebio/Instagram)

On May 16, 2022, GMA Network reported a close friend's revelations about Eusebio's death.

According to the publication's report, the famous TikToker succumbed to Typhoid. He had "severe typhoid fever which caused his body to give up."

Besides this, some reports suggest Eusebio also suffered from depression. However, whether this had anything to do with his death is yet to be known.

Pep, a Filipino publication, talked to TerTer, a fellow TikTok creator and a close friend of Eusebio. According to TerTer, the now-deceased creator shared his last wish with the people close to him.

Eusebio reportedly wanted to be cremated after he died, and his wish was fulfilled. Pep claimed his remains had been cremated and were buried at the Veronica Memorial Chapel in Pasay City, Philippines.

Outpour of Condolences for The Dub King

Eusebio's recent TikTok and Instagram posts were flooded with messages of condolence after his death became public knowledge. Both fans and other creators are grieving his loss.

Most of the comments in his most recent TikTok post, from May 6, read "R.I.P." Some were a bit more expressive.

"Heaven has gained another angel... Rest in Paradise," creator Alam Nyo Ba To wrote. Dave Villanueva commented, "Rest in Paradise Sir Jules."

Nap Lorica expressed his grief in losing one of his TikTok idols and thanked Eusebio for making everyone happy with his content.

Eusebio (full name - Jules Reyes Eusebio) was 43 years of age when he passed away. He was born on July 20, 1978, and would have turned 44 just a month later. He was widely successful on TikTok, with over 842.7 thousand followers, and over 17.9 million likes on his videos.

As the nickname 'The Dub King' suggests, his content revolved around lip-syncing dialogues and scenes from other shows. He was hilarious, and his expressions were spot on.

The late creator started his journey in online content creation on Dubsmash and later transferred his talents over to TikTok. Further, he had also started making appearances in mainstream TV shows such as Eat Bulaga's Bawal Judgemental in December 2021.