Teyana Taylor is a well-known singer-songwriter, model, dancer, and reality TV star. She is married to NBA player Iman Shumpert, who is currently the Shooting Guard for the Brooklyn Nets.

The couple appears on their own reality TV shows, Teyana and Iman and We Got Love Teyana & Iman. These shows follow the pair and their children through their day-to-day life. 

The duo has two daughters, Junie Shumpert and Rue Rose Shumpert. Rue is a little more than a year old, whereas Junie is almost six. Junie might be young, but she is already making strides in her career. 

Junie is obsessed with TikTok, and like a supportive mom, Taylor supports and encourages her daughter to follow her passion. 

Teyana Taylor, Junie Shumpert and TikTok

TikTok has taken over the world nowadays since it is a convenient app for people of all ages to share fun videos they make. Similarly, Junie has also been active on the platform, doing various challenges. 

In an exclusive interview with E! Online in August 2021, Taylor said that her daughter was a free spirit and TikTok was a "great outlet" to explore her creativity and personality. 

The singer also revealed that she had been planning Junie's career for many years, and through social media, Junie's creativity was being fostered. However, Taylor is aware of the negative impacts of social media. 

She knows there is no proper way to handle TikTok and the fact that it could get out of control. Regardless, she chose to focus on the positive aspect of the platform that "allows kids to be expressive and learn new things."

All in all, Taylor simply wants to give her daughter the freedom to do what she wants to and help her find one happy medium. But, like his wife, Iman also has his own concerns about the negativity around social media and kids. 

He pointed out that kids don't know how to handle pressure, and harmful comments directly impact their self-image and confidence. But Taylor and Iman have a way to limit this with their daughter. 

They teach Junie affirmations and try to get her ahead of the social media pressure that the audience may impose on her. 

In September 2021, one of We Got Love Teyana & Iman's episodes featured Junie and her parents, who were worried about her obsession with TikTok. 

Junie used a phone to watch videos on TikTok, but when Coco, Taylor's business partner, asked for the phone back, Junie ignored her. This sparked a conversation about kids and their use of social media. 

Taylor's friend Tyrone noted that since YouTube has a kid version, TikTok should do the same. The singer dubbed it as "KidTok" and said it was a necessity. 

During the individual confessionals, Coco said that Junie was exactly like a mother and a "baby boss" who knows what she wants. However, her obsession with TikTok had put Taylor on edge. 

Regardless, Taylor is more than happy to show her daughter off on the platform. In February 2021, the mother-daughter duo joined the bandwagon and did the Silhouette Challenge

They did the challenge on the singer's niece's account where she was wearing sweat pants, cropped sweater, and glasses with her hair tied in a messy bun.

She did some poses while vibing with the song, but when the beat drop, instead of doing the actual challenge, the video cuts off. Junie appears on the screen, and with a lot of sass and cuteness, she ends the video saying, "Hey y'all, this my baby momma and peace out."