America’s Got Talent: Extreme host Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca King-Crews have been married for over three decades. 

They first met back in the 80s while studying at Western Michigan University. Crews was playing football while Rebecca was studying music and theater.

According to Rebecca, she was not immediately attracted to Crews, and he almost got stuck in the friend zone. She said he was a little too nice, but eventually, they got together, and in 1989, they walked down the aisle. 

That same year, they welcomed their oldest daughter, Azriel, and since then, they have grown their family by welcoming four more children. 

One year later, Crews got drafted to the NFL and began his career playing for the Los Angeles Rams. In 1997, he retired from football and started acting. The transition took a toll on his happiness and mental health. 


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After stepping away from football, he fell into depression because he went from a well-known athlete to a civilian. 

Terry Crews and His Wife on His Cheating and Adult Film Addiction

While the couple got over that eventually, they had bigger problems to tackle.

In 2010, Crews was in New York City working on a new project when he called his spouse and came clean about his infidelity and adult film addiction

Rebecca always had a strong, sneaking suspicion that the actor wasn’t always truthful with her, and unfortunately, she was right. 

Crews’ confession broke Rebecca’s heart, and she even threatened to leave him. The pain and betrayal felt like death to her. Terry, too, said he “could not stop crying,” and felt like he had lost his spouse and kids. 

Terry Crews and his wife on the cover of their audible book

Terry Crews and his wife on the cover of their audible book. (Source: Terry Crews/Instagram)

“My wife was literally like, ‘I don’t know you anymore, I’m out of here.’ That changed me because I realized this thing is a major problem,” said Crews in his three-part Facebook video series entitled Dirty Little Secret.

Crews vowed to become a better man and attended therapy and rehab, and his efforts won over Rebecca. 

She decided against leaving him, but it took Rebecca three years to trust him completely. 

The couple worked through their issues, and Crews thanked his wife for fighting for their marriage. 

His Wife Supported Him in Sexual Assault Case

Apart from Crew’s addiction and infidelity, Rebecca was there for him when Crews sued Hollywood agent Adam Venit in 2016. 


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The White Chicks actor alleged Venit had sexually assaulted him at a party. 

According to the documents obtained by USA TODAY, “Venit stared at Crews intently, like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively,” when they first met.

After that, “Venit viciously grabbed Crews’ testicles so hard that it caused Crews immediate pain.”

In the complaint, Crews asked for punitive and exemplary damages after he said he suffered actual pain and psychological issues from the incident. 

Venit denied the allegations, and in 2018 the case was settled after prosecutors dismissed the case. 

"I have nothing but pride for my husband. This is a subject worth fighting over,” said Rebecca. 

No matter what comes next, Crews and Rebecca promise to be there for one another like they always have.