American actress and R&B singer and songwriter Tamika Scott is best known as the one-fourth part of the multi-platinum-selling R&B group Xscape, which enjoyed its prime years in the 1990s.

The College Park native has practiced her craft in contemporary R&B, soul, hip hop, and new jack swing genres.

Read the full article to know about the Atlanta native's alleged s*x tape scandal, husband, kids, net worth & Xscape career.

When Did Tamika Scott join Xscape?

Born on 19 November 1975 (age 47) in College Park, Georgia, United States to teacher mother Gloria McFarlin and pastor father Randolph Scott, Tamika grew up singing choirs in the church by age six.

Not only the songs of god, but the 'Greatest Gift' songstress also got music practitioners in her home who could relate to her what it meant to creatively create music. If you didn't know, her father and uncles had a singing group called Scott Three in the 1970s. 

Thanks to her early passion for music, young Tamika would participate in local talent shows and even weddings. 


After graduating from the Tri-Cities School of Performing Arts in 1993, Scott continued pursuing music with her band Xscape, which she had co-founded with another highschooler Kandi Burruss, her sister LaTocha (previously a member of Precise) and later recruited (by audition) Tameka "Tiny" Cottle after the exit of Tamera Coggins. 

Back in 1992, the group had a breakthrough performance at BET'sTeen Summit, which was also attended by record executive Ian Burke. 

Burke would later play a prominent role as a manager in signing the group to Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Recordings. 

Altogether, The group released three Billboard-rated studio albums, Hummin' Comin' at 'Cha, Off the Hook, and Traces of My Lipstick, before their disbandment in 1999 due to LaTocha Scott's exit to pursue a solo career amidst brewing tensions among the members

In the year 2004, The Scott sisters, Cottle, and new member Kiesha Miles tried reviving the group by releasing the single titled 'What's Up," but they eventually disbanded in 2005. 

After 18 years of hiatus, the original four members of the group, Burruss, Cottle, and the Scott sisters, performed together at the 2017 BET awards. After that, the group did a reunion tour and went to different television shows to promote their music. 

But Again, Burruss decided to pursue a solo career. She had joined the group after controversy surrounding who initially broke the group, which also included allegations from Tamika Scott that Buruss' affair with label head Jermaine Dupri and his father, Michael Mauldin tore the group apart. Scott later apologized to Burruss. 

Currently, the three members, excluding LaTocha Scott, continue to perform as the collective XCAPE after LaTocha left the group because of the dispute between a promoter and her husband and the group's manager, Rocky Bivens.


The Beef Between the Scott Sister and the S*ex Tape Scandal

After Tamika Scott made an allegation that her sister LaTochaa Scott stole royalties from her with the help of her husband and the group's manager Rocky Bivens, LaTochaa denied the allegations stating, “Rocky brings more shows, we make more money, and I still ain’t heard about no $30,000! For the record, I did not steal $30,000 from my sister. You know how she do,” LaTochaa said  "before inserting a clip of Tamika admitting to lying on Kandi on Watch What Happens Live," according to Vibe.

Later in March 2023, she uploaded a Youtube video in response to LaTochaa's interview. Tamika said, 

I said the things I said about Kandi to protect her. She was calling me crying on the phone, talking about a book Jermaine wrote, crying, saying Kandi said she broke up the group, so I went to defend my sister and I said a whole bunch of things about Kandi, and I apologized, alright? So now, she wants to hold that over my head that I’m lying about the money that was stolen from me, my royalties that were stolen from me. And she wants an apology.

The 'Tonite' songstress then insisted that she would night apologize or demand an apology from her sister. Rather, she argued that her sister should “go somewhere and repent and ask God to forgive you and your husband, who’s out here being triflin’, lying on me and my other group members, sending threat text messages and then turning around and do a video saying the same thing that’s in the threat text.”

But the most shocking part of Tamika's video was yet to come  After she labeled her sister and her husband the "simplest criminals in the world," she showcased a screenshot of a text message she said was from her sister LaTochaa, threatening to release naked pictures Tamika allegedly sent to her husband Rocky and Tamika's sex tape from the year 2016.


Tamika accuses her sister LaTocha of threatening her (Source: Youtube)

Then after, she also went on to describe how she thought her sister and sister's husband stole the amount from her

Who is Tameka Scott's Husband?

Tamika Scott has been married to her bodyguard husband, Darnell Winston, for seventeen years. In 2021, she took to Instagram to talk about her relationship with her husband, writing about how he had become her strength.

When A Man Truly Loves A Woman She Becomes His Weakness. When A Woman Truly Loves A Man He Becomes Her Strength. This Is Called Exchange Of Power!

Scott and Winston, who is Xscape's bodyguard and an executive protector for New Edition, had previously renewed their wedding vows in November 2018 after 14 years of marriage. The celebration was attended by two of her three Xscape members — Kandi Burruss and LaTocha Scott.


Though the last member of the hugely popular R&B group, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, wasn’t present at the vow renewal, she extended her congratulations through an Instagram caption.

Tamika Scott And her Husband are Parents To Three Daughters

Scott and Winston are blessed with three daughters. Scott’s first daughter, O’shun Reney, was born in 1994. The pair welcomed daughters Taniyah Birney and Armani in 1999 and 2013, respectively.


O’shun Reney is married to her school sweetheart, Aaron. Scott had shared her oldest daughter’s love story in an Instagram post in the past.

So proud of my Beautiful daughter and son in law! I laughed at her when she told me they were in love at 14. They stayed together from middle school all the way through college. To see their love Blossom over the years made a true believer out of me.

O’shun and Aaron gave birth to their first child, daughter Aveyah in 2018. The pair welcomed another daughter in 2020 and a son in 2021.


As for Scott’s second daughter, Taniyah, she is following in her mother’s footsteps. She is a rapper and MC who goes by the name Young Niyah. Over the years, she has released singles such as ‘Hit Em,’ ‘Tell A Tale,’ ‘Like Woah,’ and ‘No Chorus.’


During a 2019 interview on Starrdom 100 Radio, Scott revealed she initially did not want her daughter to follow in her footsteps as she knew how tough the industry was. However, she changed her mind after considering Niyah’s talent and lyricism. Scott also added that she watched over her daughter to make sure Niyah didn’t make the same mistakes she did in the past.

Tamika Scott's Age & Net Worth

Born in 1975, Scott is 45 years old. She and her sister, LaTocha Scott, trained as a singer from a young age. When she was 9, she and LaTocha recorded their first song.


The sisters met Kandi Burruss during their time at high school and started Xscape. The three originally added Tamera Coggins as their group’s fourth member, but her time with them was short-lived.

Soon, Tameka Harris joined the trio, and they made their debut performance as a group at BET’s Teen Summit in 1992. In the following years, the group enjoyed outstanding success with albums such as Hummin’ Commin’ at Cha, Off The Hook, and Traces of My Lipstick.

Though Xscape eventually disbanded in 1999, Scott was established as one of the most successful R&B artists of the 90s. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 'Almost Over' songstress has a net worth of $3 million.