Tamara Tunie may not be a household name, but one would certainly recognize the actress from at least a few TV shows. She is one of TV’s most prolific stars, with roles in everything from Black Earth Rising, Billions, 24, Blue Bloods, to Law & Order: SVU.

Tunie has also ventured outside the small screen and earned several films and stage credits, both as a star and director.

She has won several accolades, including the Tony Award for Best Musical, and found immeasurable success in her professional life. 

One would probably think her success came at the cost of her personal life. But the actress had an equally successful and happy personal life. She and her former husband, Gregory Generet, were married for almost two decades. 


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Their marriage seemed like every couple’s dream union, but in 2015, it fell apart, much to everyone’s surprise. 

Tamara Tunie and Her Husband's Separation

On February 3, 2015, TMZ reported that the couple confirmed their separation but had not filed for divorce. 

The couple had tied the knot in 1995, four years after Tunie had divorced her first husband, Greg Bouquett, a Georgia lawyer. 

The former pair tied the knot in 1991 and did not have children together. After that, the actress married Generet, and they were the epitome of a happily married couple. 

Tamara Tunie's second husband, Gregory Generet.

Tamara Tunie's second husband, Gregory Generet. (Source: Twitter)

According to TMZ, Tunie and Generet had an amicable split, with the actress stating she was looking forward to the future. They did not reveal the reason for their divorce and asked for privacy. 

“It is with a great deal of sadness that Gregory and I are going our separate ways. But, I am looking with optimism about what the future holds. As we transition through this new phase of our lives, we ask for privacy and thank you for your support,” said Tunie in a statement

The news of their separation came a few years after they had shared secrets of their long and happy marriage. 

Tamara Tunie Says Communication Is Key

In 2021, the couple, who had one of the longest marriages by Hollywood standards, advised other couples on making marriages last during an interview with Essence


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They said that their secret to a long, fulfilled marriage was communication, togetherness, and support. 

“At the end of the day, it’s about love and support. Any suggestions or constructive criticism that we might have for each other is about making the other person better. That’s a very critical component,” said Tunie when asked how she and her husband balanced their love life and work life. 

As for the one piece of marriage advice she would give others, she stated couples needed to respect their spouse’s individuality and growth. 

She explained that each partner brought special joy to a marriage, which helped the union grow, and that couples had to continue to grow and evolve as individuals for their marriage to evolve. 

Her former husband added to the discussion, noting they spent a lot of time together supporting each other’s different projects, which gave them the strength to go out and do what they loved do.