Married At First Sight’s Tamara Djordjevic has been going around town and having a series of celebrations to mark for milestone 30th Birthday on May 2, 2022.

Her MAFS co-stars named her wild party “Tamara’s very loose 30th birthday celebration.”

And wild it certainly was. MAFS’s Jackson Lonie went shirtless and performed a raunchy lap dance for the birthday girl while his 'wife' Olivia Frazer was in fits of giggles.

While the parties might be over, Djordjevic’s dating rumors are still going around town.

MAFS stars Djordjevic and Mitch Eynaud sparked dating rumors when they were spotted together after filming this year’s season.

It started when the MAFS co-stars attended an Anzac Day event together.

As reported by Dailymail on April 29, 2022, they attended the launch of Celebrity Slim's Skinny B*tch low-calorie wine range on the Gold Coast on Friday and looked very close.

This sighting further fueled speculation about their relationship. 

Are they just friends, or is there more romance between them? 

Tamara Djordjevic on Mitch Eynaud Daring Rumors

Djordjevic set the record straight on May 3, 2021, when she conducted a Q&A session on her Instagram.

The MAFS bride answered a myriad of questions about herself, from her experience on MAFS, diet, and workout plans to her thoughts on settling down and having kids.

And, of course, about her dating rumors with her co-star Eynaud.

When the question, “Are you and Mitch together? Babies would be stunning!” came up, she addressed it as “the most asked question in the question box.”

Tamara Djordjevic addressed Mitch Eynaud dating rumors in her Instagram Q&A.

Tamara Djordjevic addressed Mitch Eynaud's dating rumors in her Instagram Q&A. (Source: Instagram)

“Mitch and I are really good friends,” explained Djordjevic. “I want to set the record straight by saying that we only became friends months after filming had ended.”

The reality star further said they didn’t talk throughout the filming of MAFS.

Commenting on how the pair started talking, she added that they both lived in the Gold Coast area and frequently bumped into each other.   

“One day we were like let's put our differences aside, and got to know each other. We have great banter and got heaps in common.

And he is just a really good guy.”

“He's been so supportive, and unless you've been through this MAFS experience you don't know what it's like,” added Djordjevic. “Mitch and I had similar struggles and just bonded a natural friendship so that's all that is.”

Tamara Djordjevic’s Dramatic End to Her Marriage

Djordjevic’s tumultuous marriage to ex Brent Vitiello ended dramatically during final vows on MAFS in March 2022.

In the show, Vitiello’s final vows were a collection of derogatory remarks which was nothing short of explosive.

Viewers still remember how he started his vow by calling her “vindictive, spiteful and self-absorbed.” 

And Vitiello followed up with reasons why their marriage was unsuccessful. He emphasized his partner's faults before he tossed his speech in the air and stormed off set, leaving Tamara staring ahead in shock.

Speaking on The Handbags podcast, hosted by MAFS's Michael Brunelli and Love Island's Josh Moss, he revealed his dramatic exit was planned.

During her Q&A, when she was asked about her ex-husband Vitiello and fellow bride Ella Ding’s relationship, she said she was “happy for them.”

On April 6, 2022, Djordjevic shared a lengthy post about her experience on MAFS. She expressed she was far from her comfort zone doing the show.

“Confused with why Brent wanted to stay when we were not getting along, and the spark was not there,” added the bride about their relationship.

She also teased that there are two sides to a story in her post.